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Your contribution to this site is necessary

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How to contribute in disseminating this site

This site is considered to be one of the scientific sites which has the aim to spread culture of scientific miracle through dialogue and to demonstrate tolerance of Islam away from fanaticism and ignorance, also to present the shining and true face of Islam… therefore we are waiting for your contribution to deliver the useful science to the largest possible number of readers. The reward for that contribution will continue after death as prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) says :( by the death of human being his work in this life will stop except from three things, and he mentioned one of them is "a useful science for people") so that your contribution may be a reason to guide a man to the straight way. Prophet says in the Hadith: (If god enables you to be a reason to guide a man to the way of guidance, it will be better for you than what is in this entire world)!

Here are some ideas to help you in disseminating the site:

1.                   The contribution through publishing articles of the scientific miracle in forums or in your personal Blog, and referring to the name of the site to increase the interest and to facilitate the return to different articles and references.  

2.                    The contribution by sending the address of  the website "" to your friends and relatives also to the other websites to get benefit from the free articles with reminding people that this site is free

3.                   By publishing the site banner on forums and personal websites , don't forget to put the site link :  also to publish the articles on  other websites such as : face book, twitter , my space,……….




4.   By printing and distributing an article of your choice or an article which you think that it is useful. Or by sending an article to a magazine or a newspaper to publish it and don't forget to remind them that it is a free article.

5.   A financial contribution to translate the site to many languages and to develop the website also to feed it with useful information, this kind of contribution has a big role in disseminating more articles in the scientific miracles.

6.   Also you can contribute through subscription in our mail list to send you new articles so you can forward it to your friends, also you can subscribe in the mail list by entering the E-Mail of your friend whom are interested in this kind of sites. To subscribe in our mail list enter here.

 To contribute please contact us at the e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Secrets Of Quran Miracles

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