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All Articles... 23-9-2013

PowerPoint: “La ilaha ill-Allah”
The Cosmic Bridge
The Lower Heavens
The Intelligence of Bees
The Amazing Religion
Mountains of Clouds
Designing Birds
The Miracle of Adam and Jesus
The Earth’s Water
The Birth of Cells and Galaxies
The Age of Forty
Prostration Cures Nervous Tension
Earth’s Rotation
Blood Journey Through the Body
“The Roman Empire has been defeated”
“Over it(hell) are Nineteen” 3
“Over it (hell) are Nineteen.”
“By the sky, (displaying) the Zodiacal Signs”
“And they carry your heavy loads..... ”
“…Our Lord! not for naught Hast Thou created (all) this…”
Tolerance is a Treatment
The World’s Largest Turtle
The Discovery of an Enormous Sea
Smart Seeds
The Number 19
Man & Mosquitoes
Finger Prints
New Secrets 2
New Secrets 1
An American Woman Gives Birth to Eight Twins
Waking up early
The Fastest Computer in the World
The Ancient Rivers of Egypt: A new Qur’anic Miracle
Prayer activate the immune system
DNA… The genetic code
Deadly solar storm
A Study Asserts the Significance of Work
A New Study confirms that Pigs are the Source of the New Flu
Why did Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, forbid Men from Being Alone with Women?
The Pros of Early Marriage
The Dangers of Face Spanking
The Damages of Suspicion
The Damages of Eavesdropping
The Benefits of Good Smell
Retirement Age
New Benefits for Ablution (Wadu)
Fasting Two Days a Week
Children and the Instinct
The number 309
River flows in the depths of the Black sea
Eastern swap
Ants Die
The Messiah in the Holy Qur’an
The Benefits of Knowledge and Education
The Benefits of Beards
Plants that Talk to other Plants
Noble Plants
Meteors and Clouds
Listening to the Recitation of the Holy Qur’an and the Immune System
Believers are more capable of Fighting Diseases
Beautiful Plants
Bad Habits
Visiting Patient
The Life of the Sun
The Age of Forty
Optimism/Positive Thinking
Lightning is a mercy from ALLAH
Happiness & the Heart
Water Source
Alcohol & Blood Pressure
The Big Challenge
Fetus Learns
Children learn while sleeping
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 10
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 9
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 8
Qur'anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 7
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 6
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 5
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 4
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 3
Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 2
Qur’anic and Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 1
The most wonderful photo for 2013
The inevitable end for the universe
Prayer strengthens the muscles of the body
Horse Air Conditioning System
Bowing and prostrating
The Earth in the face of the sun
The knocker
The moon as a light
Wonders of the Miracles of the Unseen World in the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, the Prophet of Mercy
Honey Prevents against Cancer
For the first Time: Two Satellites Collide in the Space
Broken Hearts: How to read this research in light of the Holy Qur’an?
Eating in Moderation Boosts the Memory
27 Million Americans have Depression
The Tiniest Insect
The Organized Explosion
The most ancient Galaxy
The Formation of Stars
The Spider is an Architect
People with the Strongest Enmity
Mothers & Smoking
Istikhara (A Prayer Seeking Allah’s Guidance)
The Miracle of Human Fist
Getting up Early
Camel Milk
A River that Flows in the Depths of the Sea
A Great Smile of a 42 day Fetus
A Great Insect
A Fetus in the Fifth Week
West urges to refrain performing adultery
Wash your hands
Turning away from Allah leads to suicide
There is not a thing but glorifies His Praise
The most lighting meteor
The high buildings
The giant hail stones
The dangerous psychological effects of Pornography
The convenient sleep
The blessings of skin sweat and tears
The amazing length
That running and sweep
Spider'sGlowing, aCourtship method by male
Sexual relation in the prophetic guidance
Psychological pressure and patience
Mountains of Clouds
Look at the bones, how we bring them together
Lightning almost snatches away their sight
Heavy clouds
Gourd treats overweight
Even a little amount of Alcohol causes cancer
Converting female to male: a new method by the devil
Clay and purity
And the waves come to them from all sides
“And no person can ever die except by Allah's Leave”
And have made a shining lamp
A scientific study: Enhancing income by marriage
A wonderful galaxy
The water particles
The miraculous design of birds
The magnificent ice crystals
And of the earth the like thereof
A magnificent photo for moon
The Seeds of Life
Your Body Cells will Bear Witness against You
The Universe is Like a Circle
The Grace of Clothes
The Day
Parents and Child Rearing
Insects Can Hear
Hoopoes Lie
Eating too much Meat
Bees & Honey
Would you look at this ant!
Ants and Sustenance
A River that Flows in the Depths of the Sea
PowerPoint: The Theory of Cosmic evolution
A Scientific Report Affirms that AIDS is threatening the American Capital
A magnificent photo for moon
Secrets of fasting 2
Secrets of fasting 1
The Age of Forty
The Empty Quarter Lakes
The Rivers of Ancient Egypt
Meteor and Clouds
Looking at Prohibited Sights
Believers are More Capable of Fighting Diseases
Walking for Shopping
Relationship with Allah, the Almighty
Times of prayer
Prayer and Heart Healing
Prayer and Patience
Prayer Lowers Blood Pressure
Prayer and Faith
Prayer and Time Management
Prayer Delays Alzheimer's
Prayer Activates the Immune System
Kneeling and Prostration
Prayer Strengthens Body Muscles
Prayer is Useful for Expectant Mothers
Prayer Cures the Spine Problems
Prayer and Psychological Stability
Prayer Activates Brain Cells
Patience and Gratitude 3
Patience and Gratitude 2
Patience and Gratitude 1
Supplication and Prayer
Drought and Ancient Egypt
Trusting God
Suicide and Faith
The Damages of Emotional Relations
The Sensitive Insect
The Sky and Gravity
The Enormity of the Universe
A plant that Feeds on Insects
Space Travel and Guidance
The Alive Bridge
The Cosmos Speaks
The Dangers of Prohibited Gaze at Women
The Grace of Wadu (Ablution)
Gray Hair and Psychological Stress
The Sky will be Cleft Asunder
Viewing Past Deeds
The Expansion of the Earth
Coal and Oil
The Significance of Listening to the Holy Qur’an
The Creation of Fetus and the Veils of Darkness
Violent Homosexual Bacteria
The Grace of Hijab
Psychological Pressure and Cancer
One Ant Carrying Another
The Fish that Lives in Extremely Deep Waters
The African Rift
The Sky is Smoke
Fire Whirlwind
Space Residence
The Impact of Reciting Qur’an on Water
Ant Habitations
Who has Taught this Bird
Healing by Qur’an
Galaxies flow
Negative smoking and diabetes
The skin speaks!
The milk is a perfect food
Milk protect against cancers
Space elevator
Expansion of the universe and the Nobel Prize
Male and female’s brain
Women’s Memory
PowerPoint: Phenomenon of lightning
PowerPoint: The Biological Clock
PowerPoint: Miracle of “ADAM and JESUS”
The three stages of darkness
The sperm
The day nap
The natural suckling
The usury
Colors of the fire
Smaller than the atom
Prohibition of tattoo
The escape of pharaoh in his body alone
The pyramids
The sound of ants
The sky preserves the earth
Lanterns in the sky
No one year has more rain than another one
Life in every place
Over eating
The end of the cosmos
Fig is a nutrition and medicine
. Merits and benefits of Siwak – Part 2 [wooden tooth-brush “Arak”]
Merits and benefits of Siwak – Part 1 [wooden tooth-brush “Arak”]
Slow suicide
The ant finds sustenance
The Solar Apex
Swimming along their orbits
The sun’s life
Nuclear reactions in the sun
Medical quarantine
Maurice Bucaille Embraces Islam
The Earth contracts
The aurora: a scenic masterpiece
Secrets of nature (4)
Secrets of nature (3)
Secrets of nature (2)
Food Secrets (2)
Food Secrets (1)
Secrets of the Prophetic biography
The storage of water inside the Earth
Let free the two bodies [II]
Let free the two bodies [I]
The End of the Sun
Prayer and personal tranquillity
Do they not look at the camels?
Camel Milk
The source of water
Each seeking the other in rapid succession
Secrets of death (3)
Secrets of death (2)
Secrets of death (1)
The colors and number seven
secrets of the respond to supplication
Smile is a charity….Why?
Porno films destroys marital relationships
Olive, walnut, fish...New benefits for sight and other things
Secrets of clay
Man being alone with a woman is prohibited, why?
Male is not like female: a new scientific vision
Islam prohibited women to be Unveiled….why?
Human Fingerprints
Human desire between science and belief
Controlling anger….a complete file
Adopted sons must be called by their father’s name
Secrets of Self (3)
Secrets of Self (2)
Secrets of Self (1)
The contrary substance
The spread out of earth
The weakest houses is the spider's house
The Work of Allah, Who perfected all things
They all float each in an orbit
This is the creation of Allah: jellyfish and Octopus
Treatment by grapes
Universe will not continue forever
Washing hands to protect us from bacteria
Heaven is a roof, safe and well guarded
Woman Born With Half a Brain!! Glory to Allah
Wonderful gardens full of beauty and delight
Zones of earth
Zones of heavens
The predacious jaw of the ant
Power of the ant
The Plants' Crying
The Piercing star
The phenomenon of skyscrapers
The Lightning
The known measure
The Incredible design of the bee
The importance of Al-Fajr prayer
The Ideal period for breast feeding
The eternal night
The earth with Faults
Dates treat many diseases
The Carnivorous Plant
The blue Whale
Saving of pharaoh: So this day we shall deliver your dead body out the sea
Surely! In this are signs, for those who see
Sun, clouds and rains
Strong wind lifts people off the ground
Speed of the fly
Solidarity between ants and trees
So let man see from what he is created
Snail and the water drop
Smaller than the Atom
Single Brain Cell Can store information
Secrets of the age of forty
Science and long life
Secrets of the letters in Sûrat Yâ-Sîn
Secrets of the bees
Rotation of earth
Pomegranate is the food of people in heaven
Plant or an insect
Nutfah and the ovum
No child is born except on Al-Fitra (Islam)
Fake alcohol
Mountains of Clouds
Miracle of the mosquito
Miracle of sleeping
Lying and the forelock
Lung of the smoker is black
Lightning is behind the mountain
Lightning and the volcano
It is disliked to eat or drink while standing
Iron descended from the heaven
Human’s fingerprints
Human and the Mosquito
Healing power of the prayer
He created you from dust
Galaxy and smoke
Future of the sun
Forelock and self confidence
The Forelock and violence
Fig and power
Explosion of a star in the sky
Eat and drink but don’t waste
Dwellings of ant
Drop of water
Doing good deeds is the way for happiness
Colors of the butterfly
Collapse of the atmosphere
Changing what is inside us
Bones and trees
Black holes that run and sweep
Birds spreading out their wings
Birds like human
Billions of germs on our skin
Are those who know equal to those who know not?
Ants emit sonic vibrations
Ants are communities like you
And your Lord inspired the bee
And we send the winds fertilizing
And spread them along the sky as He wills
And have given you to drink sweet water
Allah is the Lord of Sirius
Allah has not put for any man two hearts inside his body
Allah gives bird its livelihood
Alcohol more dangerous than cocaine and other drugs
A star is dying
A predacious plant
A photo of our magnificent galaxy
One centimeter is the length of a fetus
A new scientific explanation of magic
A magnificent photo for an ant that call the believer to glorify Allah the creator
A complete file about benefits of marriage
Secrets of earth - 1
Unseen Miracles 3
Unseen Miracles 2
Grieve and death
Lowering gaze
The destroying effects of watching porno films
Health of heart
Children Learning
Blessing of tears
Social relations
A planet revolves around two suns
The break of the daylight
The stability of the Earth
The verse of challenge and the number 19
The sun and moor orbits
The lowest poit
The language of ants
The First and the Last verse
Alcohol is a disease
Sun and moon eclipse
The medical benefits of the ablution
The black seed
The number seven
Olive oils is good for the heart
East and West (points)
Piercing star
Prayer is a cure for diseases
Charity is a treatment
The structure of the cosmos
The layer of the day
Environmental pollution
Treatment by green color
The miracle of sleep
Web of Galaxies
Light and brightness
Land and sea
Lying Center
Clouds and lightning
The smile
The Evolution of the Universe
Stars’ Locations
Stars Exploding
Mountains and Water
Cosmic Smoke
Black Holes
Overlap the Night in the Daytime
Winds and Clouds
The Spread of Islam
Wonders of Healing with Fasting, Food and Quran
The appointed Term of the Sun
Social relationships is important
The plague and adultery
Kids and play
Floating in the space
Cockroaches and Antibiotics
Alcohol intakein a small amount increases risk of high blood pressure
The forelocks and the feet .. A new vision
Bees and sleep
The big lie of astrology
Surely in this are signs for those who see
The best deeds to Allah
The best deed is to performing the prayer on time
Walking in the markets
The Trembling of the Earth
Luxury Houses in the Mountains
Sun is a free source of heat and light
Hearts find rest in the remembrance of Allah
The Immune System and The Noble Qur'an
Muslims constitute more than a quarter of the world's population
Numerous Secrets
New Miracles in The Prophetic Sunnah
Pictures & Verses Part 1
The Secrets of Prayer
The Secrets of Creation
Sleeping on the right side
Secrets of Hajj
Moon has been cleft asunder
Islam will spread in all places
End of universe
Atom and galaxy are witnesses on the oneness of Allah
Healing by fasting
Charity of the smile
20 Unseen Miracles
Miracle of ADAM and JESUS
Waves under ocean
Cosmic Parting: New facts
New facts about the pyramids: a new miracle of the Qur’an
Did man land on the moon?
Without any pillars that you can see
Lots of sleep and sudden death
Honey kills Bacteria that resist antibiotics
Say travel in the land: new scientific vision
Who taught that bird?
Natural disasters in 2010
Mohamed is the most Influential man in history
Secrets of the sun and lunar eclipses
Imitating others and changing creation of Allah
Detection of lying
The spider and the atheist
Western countries return to the principles of Islam
Walking to mosques is a wonderful sport
Secrets of Hajj… Pilgrimage
Dog breeding is forbidden according to a prophetic order, why?
The black holes are near to us
Stress and its impact on the heart and body
American woman begets Eight twins
Pictures calling you to praise Allah
Explosion of the oldest star in the universe
The miracle of guarding the Qur’an
Ants Bridges building : a wonderful example of sacrifice and cooperation
Free Book: Numeric Miracle In Every Verse
The maggot therapy …..A new discovery
The full eclipse secrets
Islam treats obesity
A rational proof on moon splitting
Scientific signs in the story of prophet "Lût"
Allah is the creator of the circadian biological clock
Free Book: Numeric Miracle In SURAT AL-IKHLAS
Healthy nutrition and fasting prevent Dementia
Magnificent scientific signs in the story of prophet "Nûh"
Scientific facts about day of resurrection
Secrets of breast feeding
Joseph brothers and the number of planets
Over eating and drinking hinder body's systems
Type of food and the emotional status
Sorrow negatively affects the fetus: Had the Quran pointed this out?
Obesity.. The disease and the cure
New facts: the flies have a cure!!!
Day of resurrection will not come until the earthquakes happen frequently
"And carve out homes in the mountains"
The strangest diseases in the history
New PowerPoint: The Collapse of the Universe
Innovative Way to Manage Time (4)
Innovative Way to Manage Time (3)
Free Book: Innovative Way to Manage Time
Between Numeric and Universal Phenomena in the Holy Qur’an
Innovative Way to Manage Time (2)
150 Kinds of germs on the hand palm
Innovative Way to Manage Time (1)
Brain scan 'can read your mind'
New Miracles
Some benefits of the wheat Bran
Scientists admit their failure in front of AIDS
A very new study: flies larvae for the treatment of chronic wounds
Fish intake prevents memory loss
Milk Intake prevents memory weakness, diabetes and gastric diseases
Grape Seeds for the treatment of Cancer and other diseases
Does the Dark Matter really exist?
Explosion of a star at the edge of the universe
New Secrets for DNA
A collapsing star at the Galactic Center
Letter of acknowledgment to a non Muslim scientist
Compassion among animals
Data Medicine: new sight for the healing secrets
Traveling to the Past Between Science and Quran
Scientists assure their ignorance regarding the universe
Convergence of markets
"Sons of adultery" a new phenomenon
The unseen miracles: Stress Makes Hair Go Gray
The Rosette Nebula and split of heaven
Dragonflies Use Movement as Camouflage
This is the creation of Allah: Green Comet Approaching Earth
The seven layers of the Earth’s atmosphere
Insects and plant pollination
A new hope for diabetes: the Frog skin
The polar star is the compass of the sky
This is the creation of Allah: the camel
Ant doesn't carry its sustenance
The spider is a magnificent engineer
Free Book: Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran
Journey of the blood
Cosmic rivers
New Vision of Time
The flying seeds
This is the creation of Allah: The Green Snake
The Hummingbird
The collapse of the universe
Contribution through translation to other languages
This is the creation of Allah: The spiral galaxy NGC 1365
A wonderful insect
Mosquito's head
Jumping techniques of cats
The Carnivorous Plant
This is the creation of Allah: the giant sea spider
This is the creation of Allah: one of the smallest insects in the world
The blue whale
Monkeys and moralities
Can frogs predict the earthquakes?
Ant carries the dead to the graveyard
This is the creation of Allah: Starfish Glorifies Allah!!
Amazing Numeral Facts about Al Nas (The mankind) Chapter
Transparent creatures …. Glory to Allah
Early warning system in the beetle
Multiplicity of suns and moons in the universe
Ants are smarter than we think
Birds don't accept adultery
He brings out the living from the dead
Ants posses the largest colony in the world
A plant dissolves ice!!
Cockroaches look like human
Bee is faster than supercomputers
The tallest tree in the world
Who guides this sea turtle?
Plant feels pain….Glory to Allah
An air conditioner inside bee
The energy of sea waves
Rains and winds
Who grasps the heaven and the earth?
And with us is a book preserved
The pure water
The luminescence miracle
The miracle of water
What is the fate of those who die in outer space?
And the mountains He has fixed firmly
The lowest point on the earth
How to memorize Quran : PowerPoint
The day that will make the –newborn hoary- headed
The atmosphere falls on earth!
Earth surrounded by bubbles
The sea foam
The balance in environment
The Burning Sea
By the heaven which returns
As if he is climbing up to the sky
Healing by Ruqia
The Memory of Zamzam’s Water
Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (6)
The earth is speaking!
Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (5)
The receding of the Aral Sea: when we change the natural system
American researcher has discovered that while praying, the brain re-programs itself
Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (4)
Scientists say that believing in God is very necessary for man
Emergence of seas
The Qur'an speaks about the due measure of water
Miracles of Allah in the heaven
Mountains and Rains
Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (3)
The Qur'an speaks about the distilled water
Darkness and light : scientific vision
Human is programmed to live on earth
Amazing PowerPoint: Miracle of Number Seven
Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (2)
Diamonds in Space
Sources of water
Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (1)
Were there any nations lived on earth before us?
The creation of the heavens and the earth is indeed greater than the creation of mankind
Speed of Light in Holy Quran
Amazing PowerPoint: Creation of Human
Traffic system in ants’ world
Suns swallow their planets
Qur’an speaks about lie detectors
Scientists discover a new planet
Healing by listening to Quran
Guidance stories by this website
Happier and longer life with optimism
Kindness to Parents Increases Vitality
Good Relations Increase Productivity in the Workplace
Importance of Positive Behavior in the Believer
Love and Mercy between Spouses for healing Diseases
Power of Influencing Others and Gaining their Confidence
Effect of Kind Words
Helping Others Cure Stress
“And among His Signs is that He created for you wives from among yourselves”
Lunar Eclipse
The importance of having a nap
One of the historical miracles: “And you carve out in the mountains”
Beautiful Findings: The Numerical Miracle of Surat Al-Fatiha
Plants are very smart creatures!!
Wonderful Research: Miracle of color difference
Learning Qur’an protects from diseases
Renew Your Life With Fasting
Our Skin Speaks … Glory to God!
Healing by Fasting and Quran
Masterpieces of Metaphysical Miracles
Amazements Healing Through Fasting, Food and Quran
Secrets of The Heart Between Science and Belief
A Verse was a Reason for an Atheist to Become a Muslim
Hearts Wherewith they Understand
Why is Smiling a Donation?
Our Hearts Can Understand
Fruit before Meat
And by the Burning Sea
And the Moon is Cleft Asunder
Adultery and God's Punishment
The Night of Decree: incredible chances for receiving rewards
Sky and Gravity
The Tightened Sky: A Cosmic Sign to Glorify God
Healing by Colors
The Two Seas
Rivers in Desert
Amazing Miracle in "Alrahman" Chapter
Amazing Pictures Regarding the Sun Eclipse
Compassion Between Animals
Great Photos: The Qur'an Describes Night and Day
And on the Earth are Signs
Water Stores
Smaller than Atom
We Adorned the Nearest Heaven with Lamps
The Largest Animals
The Miracle of the Nerve Cell
The Ideal Period for Natural Nursing
Food and Drink
New Cloud Type Discovered
The Good Sapience of Getting up at Night
Day of Resurrection won’t be in 2012
The Three Veils of Darkness
The Prohibition of Tattoo
Why We Study Scientific Miracle?
Numeric Miracle in the First Verse
Birds are lying
The Beautiful Arrangement of “Seven” in the Qur’an
Taking Many Steps to the Mosques
Underwater Volcanic Eruption
The End of the Sun
Tender Meat
Or Like a Rainstorm from the Sky
They Won't Create a Fly
One of ALLAH’s Miracles in Bees: The penalty of the drunk bee
New Prophetic Miracle: Sky is Raining Day and Night
Lightning and Rainbow
Wonderful Pictures: The Night Conceals the Sun
Amazing Miracle: Jesus and Adam
Soil Vibrates by Water
The Work of Allah: Sea Star
Anger Really Can Kill You
Seven Scientific Facts Testify that Mohamed is Sincere
The Secrets of Answering the Supplication to Allah
Children are Born Believers in God
The Birds With Wings Out-Spread
When the Fire Meets the Sea
Circumcision as a protection from HIV/ Aids
Free Book: Secrets of Universe
An Ant Carries Another One
The Greatness of the Universe
And (by) the Heaven Comprising Interwoven Tracks
Cosmic Hammers
Quran And Human Personality
Free Book: Secrets Of Numeric Miracle
Number 11: A witness to the Oneness of God
The Miracle of "Jesus"
New Proof From "Mary" Chapter
Mountain Roots
Ants “Crushed"!!
The Heart Ponders!
The Truth Behind The Pyramids
The Guarded Canopy
Corruption Doth Appear on Land & Sea
Where The Romans Were Defeated
Deep Waves
The First Image of The Second Layer of The Earth
The Survival of Pharaoh
The Big Bang
The Sky Was Smoke
Expanding Universe
Beginning Of The Universe
Charity And Happiness
Sound Of Ants
The Sky Is "Building"
River And Sea
Pollution: New Vision
Hydrologic Cycle
The Power To Control Anger, Scientific & Faith-related Vision
The Power of Submission
The Speediest Spreading Religion
SMOKING: the 21st Epidemic Disease
Breast Feeding
Healing by Dates
Kinds of Water In Holy Quran
Medical Phenomenon Confuse American Scientists
Leadership, Creativity, Lie, Mistakes
The Colours of Fire
Cure of aging
Miracle of Islam Spread
The secrets of letters in the beginning of Surahs in The Holy Koran
Earth Layers
The Power Of Quran Healing
Introduction To The Numeric Miracles
Horizons of Quran Healing
This Is Prophet Muhammad
New Numeric Miracle
What Is The Reason of Studying Numeric Miracles?
Numeric Miracle In Surah "Yassine"
Sudden Death, New Miracle
Number 7 in the Holy Quran
Humans Can Learn to "See" With Sound
When Ants Speak
Where the Rivers Meet the Sea
Islam forbids "unveiling"
Heal Yourself By Honey
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