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Spread of Islam

Islam now is the fastest religion in the world, and it is expected to be the first religin in 2025 ….


Let's reat these new statistics about the number of Muslims around the world:


According to recent statistics: the number of Muslims in the world has exceeded 2 billions, distributed all over the world. Also, Islam is growing by 3 % per year, and in 2025, Islam will become the leading religion in the world. This was prophesized by Allah Messenger (peace be upon him) who said, ‘This matter [i.e. Islam] shall reach what the daylight and the night have reached.’ This means that Islam will reach every area and locality of the world where daylight and night take place. This has been achieved in reality. Who has informed Allah Messenger about this?


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




2- Two-thirds of Britons not religious, suggests survey,, 21-3-2011.

3- Number of Christians falls by almost 10%, survey finds,, 23-12-2011.

4- America becoming less Christian, survey finds,, 9-3-2009.





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