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Horizons of Quran Healing


This is anew research we try to found the scientific basis of "Quran Healing", It's wonderful PowerPoint show .

Allah says: “We sent down (reveled) of the Qur’an that which is a healing and mercy to those who believes” (Sarah 17-Aya 82).

Target of this research

This research is the result of the work of three years of search, study and experiences and lead to put the scientific foundation of “Healing by the Quran” as well as to proof the new miraculous face of the Quran, which I call: “The Healing Power of The Quran” moreover it leads to discover a new kind of medicine, which I name: “Medicine Of Information”.

Unfortunately, in our days, we see and hear about many charlatans and people who pretend to have the capacity of healing by the Quran; they use some verses from the Quran in order to convince the people that they can cure them by the Quran.

In the shadow of this huge expanding of charlatans & scamming operations, there should be some strict regulations of healing by Quran. First of all the matter requires scientific bases for this kind of healing.


Yes, healing by Quran is a 100% real and true act! It was proven to me with certainty that the Quran can heal from all kind of physical, psychological, evil effects, worries, envy, magic .. etc.

So, let us start together putting the scientific foundations for this most effective and powerful kind of healing, maybe we can convince our doctors and medical scientists of this amazing kind of healing!

The results

1- Putting the scientific foundation for the healing by the Qur’an.

2- The necessity of doing many scientific experiences on the effect of certain Ayas (Qur’anic verses).

3- Proving the Qur’anic miracles in the science of healing (The healing power in the Qur’anic words).

4- The healing by Qur’an includes all kind of physical and psychological illness.

5- To encourage the self healing, which means, that the sick person practices reading the Qur’anic healing Ayas (verses) on himself, if possible.

6- The necessity of reading the Qur’anic healing Ayas (verses) on water, honey, olive oil and other plants oil, which has then to be taken by the patient.

7- All kind of illness is information and it’s healing could be done by information also, and here we come to discover a new medicine called; “THE MEDECINE OF INFORMATION”.

Download powerpoint "slide show"


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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