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Cosmic Hammers


In this research the greatness of the piercing star which God swear by it will become clear, as he called it the hammer. Scientists in the 21 Century uses the same name, let us see….

Historical facts

For thousands of years mankind studied the sky and looked attentively at stars , planets and flaming fires , people used their eyes after that they used the magnifying lens to explore depths of the universe, but their sight remained limited , till the twenty century when they used a new eyes which are the giant telescopes . Then they used telescopes that works with a new method which is different from the visual methods that depends on eyes, as they used radio waves, infrared, X-rays and gamma rays, etc… to see what eye can't see.

At this moment, scientists started to discover secrets of universe, so they discovered galaxies and inside each galaxy a hundreds of billions of stars! and they discovered cosmic smoke the cosmic dust , also they discovered many kinds of stars and the development phases of these stars .they found that when the star is born , it grow up to become elderly to die and explode and fall on himself !

Also, one of wonders of cosmic discoveries what was called by scientists the Neutron stars, and that was in 1933 as an idea of the two scientists Fritz Zwicky and Walter Baade , when they found by calculations that universe contains ordinary stars and Neutron stars as these stars composed of small particles which are neutrons.

Through forty years, scientists started a search journey for these attractive stars, till 1967 when Jocelyn Bell and Anthony Hewish started to observe the sky for a long time and finally they became able to record emitted radio waves from these stars. but the certain scientific prove came at the late twentieth century when scientists became able to take pictures for these stars to study it deeply, where they became sure that it exists in universe in large amounts. [1]

Giant hammers

When scientists started to record the incoming radio waves from far space , at the beginning they sought it is a message from unknown creatures , but they discovered that these signals are just the sound of a very organized strokes, it was like someone is knocking several knocks each second [2]. At the beginning they sought this star is pulsing like a human heart , so they called these stars " The pulsars " but it was obvious that the sound looks like hammering

, so they called it ''gigantic hammer'' which knocks like a bell [3]!

How are these stars formed?

Each star has a start and has an end, when the weight of the star became larger almost one and a half time than weight of sun ,and when the life of that star pass away and became running out of fuel it start to collapse and goes into what looks like dissolution ,as electrons became not able to stay in its orbit around the atom , so it became forced to penetrate the atom and melt in protons to form neutrons that generates heat of more than million of million degree centigrade, so this star transfers to be a Neutron star with a weight of more than 400 million of million of kilograms!


(Figure 1) The star explodes like this and falls down on itself and start to form the pulsating Neutron star in its center to release pulses like a hammer. Source: the American space agency NASA.

A piercing radiation

Scientists confirm that these stars emits great and shining radiation, in 1979 scientists had recorded the most brighten radiation in the sky caused by a piercing neutron star , as this star had emitted a huge amount of gamma rays which is the most powerful kind of rays , it emits in 0.2 second an amount of piercing radiation which are equal to the emitted rays from the sun in 1000 year ! ! ! Scientists said that they didn't see anything with that power and shine before [4]!!


(Figure 2)An Imaginary picture for a neutron star that emits the most powerful piercing radiation ever discovered till now. Source

Piercing star in numbers

The neutron star is a star which is slightly heavy than the sun and is running out of its Nuclear fuel ,and is no longer able to flame , so it started to shrink on itself and fall down toward the center of the star which cause its compression and the disassembly of its atoms by the huge gravity to protons and electrons and then these bodies merge to transfer to be neutrons , but the nucleus became in a different status as the iron atoms inside it start to be formed , you can imagine a huge ball of iron surrounded with a condensed liquid of neutrons , simply that is the neutron star [5].

The neutron star is about 1.4 to 5 times weight of the sun and if its weight is larger than that, it will be transferred to a black hole.. The radius of the star is about 10 to 20 kilometers.

So if we have a neutron star with a weight 1.4 of the sun weight and a radius of 15 kilometers, and if we know that the weight of sun is 2 beside 30 zeros kilogram , which is two thousand billion billion billion kilogram , so weight of that neutron star is 2,8 thousand billion billion billion kilogram , with a small calculation we conclude that each cubic centimeter of that star has a weight of 200 thousand million kilogram [6]!!


(Figure 3) A figure to represent the neutron star, showing its dimension and mass. Scientists says that surface of that star is so smooth and it consists if iron, so if we say that this star looks like a hammer that would be an accurate simile from the scientific point of view Source:

we can imagine if we got a very small needle from that Piercing star , its weight would be 200 million kilogram , if we put this Piercing neutron needle on earth it would penetrate it !!So what could happen if we got a star with a diameter of 20 kilometer? We have to realize the hugeness and grandeur of these stars and its importance in the sky; these are one of god verses to show the greatness of the Creator be he blessed and Exalted.

Accurate cosmic watches!

These stars are turning in a very high speed, to be a hundreds of turns each second, they are so accurate so it can be used to be an accurate cosmic watches. Its turning generates very powerful magnetic field equals to one thousand million double of the magnetic field of earth.


(Figure 4) The reason we hear these knocks is the huge turning speed of these stars around its center, during the turning of the star it gives regular knocks and emits radiations. This can pierce any thing, so turning of these stars causes knocking and piercing.

It pierces anything

In United States and Europe scientists observed the attracting waves issued by the Piercing stars, they said if the light can hit the physical barriers but it can't penetrate it , the emitted huge attracting waves by the Piercing star can penetrate anything , even our bodies as these waves penetrate us every moment but we don't feel with that. [7]!

There are very precise particles emitted by these stars in large amounts during its formation after the explosion of the original star, it called ' Neutrino' scientists says that [8]:

"Neutrinos are electrically neutral, virtually mass-less elementary particles that can pass through miles of lead unhindered. Some are passing through your body as you read this".

This means that neutrons are particles with no charge and has no mass, these primitive particles penetrate the lead for many miles and nothing can obstruct it.

It penetrates your body just now while you are reading this article!!!


(Figure 5) Each moment earth and people are exposed to very tiny cosmic particles like Neutrino, these particles are emitted from the cosmic hammers during its formation, it penetrate atmosphere of earth, seas and mountains. Scientists have found a trace for these particles in the deep sea and in the lowest reached point underground, scientists tells us that neutrons which are particles with no charges and no mass can penetrate and pierces a layer of several kilometers of thickness of lead, where all other bodies are able to penetrate only several meters of lead, so the best scientific name for that star is ''The Piercing star ''

The iron hammer

Scientists defines these creatures as [9]: ''Their surface is solid crystalline iron, and would ring like a bell were it to be hit with a hammer". It was a wonder when I knew that scientists have found that these stars consists of many layers and the heart of these stars are formed of iron , and during the formation of these stars the iron Nucleus knock on these layers like a hummer as they says in a study [10]:

"In the star, the outer layers of the core are like the hammer, and the core is the rubber ball".

Scientists confirm that there is an internal knock inside the star and outside knock due to the rotation of the star as an emitted organized knocks reach earth like a radio waves .it means that scientists believe in a continues knocks like bell knocking .

Sound of the cosmic hammer

To explore these stars scientists record the generated explosions from it then they analyze it to know the internal structure of the star , exactly the same as what Earth scientists do in measuring earthquakes and record earth vibrations to realize the internal structure of earth and its layers.

Professor Richard Rothschild from California University [11] who studied these beautiful bodies for a long time tells us about one of these stellar explosions and says:

"This explosion was akin to hitting the neutron star with a gigantic hammer, causing it to ring like a bell,"

Scientists had recorded the sound of these stars and we can hear the sound of this giant cosmic hammer as this giant hammer rotate 30 turn per second and the one knock takes 0.715 second.

This sound emits from one of the brightest stars in universe, as its light Pierce the sky, its Radius is up to 10 kilometer with a larger weight than the sun weight [12].


Press here to hear the knocker. Source:

Amazing miracles of Qur'an

One of the greatness of the book of god be he exalted is that this book dealt with many of the amazing cosmic facts, talk is about a great creature so god swear with it as god be he exalted swear with many of great stars in says: "By the heaven, and At-Târiq . And what will make you to know what At-Târiq is? (It is) the star of piercing brightness;"[At-Târiq verse 1-3]

Explainers of Qur'an were confused to explain these noble verses but they agreed that god swear with a very bright and shining stars , at that time it was all what they know . But in our era with all of these developments in astronomy, the best scientific explanation for these verses is that it talks about the neutron stars.

Science may be developed more and more to enable us to discover new things. But the Qur'an will be the eternal miracle.

Someone may say how could we know that the Piercing star is the neutron star? We can identify and summarize some miracles in the verse as the following:

1. from the previous certain facts we can realize that the most important two characteristics of the neutron stars as explained by astronomy scientists are: the continuous and organized knocking , also emitting an attracting waves which penetrate and pierce any thing and that what the Qur'an said in only two words {At-Târiq(the knocker), piercing}.

2. Knocking in Arabic language is to knock with a hammer, so is the knocking of these stars real and audible? Scientists confirm that these knocks are real and are not figurative. Also scientists says that these stars emits a sound like a hammer, with a frequency of many hundreds of hertz, so the human ear can hear it, but because the sound needs a medium , and that medium is not existed in space , so these sounds can't directly reached us but it reach us in the form of radio waves and these radio waves can be returned again to its real vibrations which makes the sound like the knocking on the form of an organized knocks .

3. In Arabic dictionary, piercing is penetrating, so how can this star pierce and penetrate things? One of the neutron's characteristics is that it is the most heaviest part of the atom and is neutral with no charge as it is neither negative nor positive , so it can penetrate the atom , so scientists use the neutron to smash down the nucleus of the atom .so the best description for the neutron : it easily pierce and penetrate things , so from the scientific point of view the word (piercing ) is suitable to describe the neutron stars .

Also, these knocking stars emits very tough attracting waves which can penetrate anything in universe including human bodies , as every moment there are an attracting waves that emits our bodies without our feeling , so the name ( the piercing ) fit the emitted waves by these stars .

4. Scientists consider these stars as one of the wonders of universe and one of the most

Beautiful Stars, as it regularly and intermittently emits radio and work like beacons in

 The sky! Here we can realize why god swears with it in the Qur'an.

5. Scientists says :" these stars are considered to be the best clocks ever known by human , so we can call it the giant cosmic clock, here we can ask a question: what is the relation between At-Târiq (the knocker) and the protector in god says: (By the heaven, and At-Târiq And what will make you to know what At-Târiq is? (It is) the star of piercing brightness. There is no human being but has a protector over him (or her) (i.e. angels in charge of each human being guarding him, writing his good and bad deeds) [At-Târiq verse 1-4].

In the explanation of the meaning of Qur'an and in explaining the meaning of (There is no human being but has a protector over him (or her)) it means there are angels in charge of each human being guarding him, writing his good and bad deeds to account him in day of resurrection.

So what is the relation between the piercing star and the protector who keeps and writes all human works? God assigned an angle to count our good and bad works and one of the major characteristics of that angle is the accuracy in counting as he never forget anything.

Here we know that these stars are very accurate and scientists says that these stars are the most accurate clocks ever known that work with no mistake!! as if god wants to alert us to a cosmic reality which is the accuracy of these stars , also the angle who record what we do is very accurate and don't make a mistake.


(Figure 6) The pulsating stars are one of the fastest rotating stars in universe and it produce huge attracting waves which penetrate time and place as this star can rotate 600 turn in one second which is 36000 turn per minute . We can imagine a body with a diameter of 20 kilometer and its weight more than the sun can rotate with that amazing speed, Sure it worth to be mentioned in Qur'an and god swear with it?

6. The word (pierce) in Arabic also means (bright) or (shining), scientists had found that these stars are the most shining stars in universe. Scientists are amazed about the arise of these stars as they are surrounded by huge amount of cosmic smoke as it suddenly appear and light what is around it.

This means that the koranic word has more than one meaning, as the word (pierce) means to penetrate things and also means it is so bright and both are correct, so scientists are using more than one word to describe these stars where the Qur'an use only one word. Glory to god!

7. One may say: who told you that these stars are really existed? It is possible that these facts may be changed in the future, so how can we understand that? In fact these piercing stars are real as we see it in a colored images, with no doubt, even if we discovered new things and a new development may occur, this noble verse still be true and is identical with the scientific facts, and a new meanings for this verse would be appear, and that is one of the miracles of Qur'an that the Qur'an is typical identified with the certain science.


(Figure 7) A photo for the neutron star in galaxy M84 and because of the rotation speed of that star a Whirlpool had occurred in the surrounded cosmic smoke. Source NASA

8. Also one may say :sound couldn't be emitted in empty space as it needs a medium like air or water , so how scientists were able to hear that sound? The emitted frequency of that star is in the audible field, when these radiation are transferred to vibrations, its frequencies would be audible as a hammer. Scientists say:

"The frequencies of the pulsars are similar to the frequencies of sound waves that can be heard by the human ear".

 Here we can notice some more miracles. As the Qur'an talks about a sound which no one can hear it in direct, and that sound is not circulated in space, and we don't feel with it. My question to who may say that this Qur'an is made by Mohamed (peace be upon Him): from where did Mohamed get his information and put it in a scientific form which are identical with the cosmic explorations? Only if Mohamed is a messenger by god with taking into consideration that Mohamed is illiterate.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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