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Explosion of a star in the sky

This is the explosion of a star when its life cycle ended…….


It is a wonderful photo for the explosion of a star called SN1987A which is captured by Hubble Telescope. It considered to be one of the greatest cosmic explosions, this star is 163000 light years far from us and it exploded 161000 years ago so that human couldn’t see that explosion till 1987 when its light became viewed by the Telescope. Scientists say that the diameter of the ring around the explosion is 20000 light years. The one light year is about 9.5 million million kilometers. Astronomers say that the real position of the star is unknown and needs very complicated calculations. Allah Almighty swears by the position of these stars by saying: (So I swear by Mawaqi (setting or the mansions) of the stars * and verily, that is indeed a great oath, if you but know.){Sûrat Al-Wâqi‘ah- The Event-verse 75-76}.




By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel
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