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New Prophetic Miracle: Sky is Raining Day and Night


Some people mocks from prophet Mohamed (peace be up on him), therefore we have to defend him by looking attentively at the recent scientific miracles which testify that this message is sincere and Mohamed is god's prophet.….

There are many sayings of the prophet (Hadiths) as a witness for his prophecy and one of these Hadiths is a very strange hadith. But before we go on, we have to demonstrate some scientific facts.

How were people looking at the phenomenon of rain?

In the seventh century, Astrologers were working as a trusted meteorological agencies, they thought that rain is caused by existence of stars in a specific status which called horoscopes. Some people believed that rain is a livelihood from god.  But when prophet Mohamed (peace be up on him) came, he cancelled all of these beliefs to start the scientific way of thinking as he told people that rain, thunder, lightning, sun and moon runs by the orders of almighty god.

In Greek civilization, people believed that rain is a wrath of gods; it was only one of myths in Europe.


A statue represent rain's god as people believed that rain comes when god of rain became angry, so he throws people in water.

How do scientists look at rain nowadays?

All scientists all over the world confirm that  rain is a very organized and complicated phenomenon and formation of one drop of rain depend on some exact physical rules , but satellites photos shows a new discovery that it rains continuously in different places on earth.

So if we look at earth from different sides we notice that it is covered by clouds, scientists say that every second there are one hundred lightning  flash  all over the world , we know that lightning is linked with rain . So it is a real scientific fact that it rains continuously in different places on earth.


This is earth from outside, as we see clouds cover large parts of the atmosphere,   scientists confirm that it rains every moment in day and night during the whole year in different places and are distributed in a system which certifies the greatness and creativity of the Creator Almighty.  

The four seasons are alternated on earth  , when it is summer in the north half of earth , it is winter in the south half and vice versa .so it rains all the time day and night and most of rain goes into seas , this is a scientific fact.

What does our Prophet say about the phenomenon of rain?

Prophet Mohamed (peace be up on him) says: (in every hour even in day or night, it rains and god distributes these rains wherever he wants) [Narrated by AlHakem]. This Hadith confirms on a scientific fact that it rains all day and night on earth.   

What do explainers of Qur'an say about this phenomenon?    

God be he blessed and exalted says: (And it is He Who sends the winds as heralds of glad tidings, going before His Mercy (rain); and We send down pure water from the sky. That we may give life thereby to a dead land, and we give to drink thereof many of the cattle and men that we had created. And indeed we have distributed it (rain or water) amongst them in order that they may remember (the Grace of Allah,) but most men refuse to accept the Truth or Faith and accept nothing but disbelief or ingratitude. ) {Al Forqan: verse 48:50}.

According to the interpretation of Al- Baghawi, in god saying :( We have distributed it (rain or water) amongst them) it means distribution of rain among different countries. Ibn- Abbas says: (every year, it rains in equal amount but god distributes it amongst earth).

Also Ibn Abbas, Ibn Goraig and Mokatel told us that prophet Mohamed said :(there is no year that its rain is more than the other, but god distributes livelihoods in our life as every year it rains in a specific amount, and if people commit sins, god would transfer rain to another people and if all people commit sins god will send rain in seas.)  [Narrated by AlHakem].  


Prophet Mohamed (peace be up on him) was living in desert with no satellites or meteorological agencies and there was no method to predict with the continuous rain in day and night. so if he used to speak from his own(without inspiration of god), he would say the same as his people says to get their support , but in fact he got nothing from his own .so we have to ask : who told him with this scientific fact which  discovered after hundreds of years , what made him to say that? Don't you see that the reason is to make it as an eloquent reply on people who mocks at the best man humanity ever known?

Why is it a miracle?

1.                   The prophetic Hadith Handled unknown scientific fact at that time as a proof that prophet Mohamed is sincere. As in some eloquent words he summarized a scientific fact as he said: (in every hour even in day or night, it rains and god distributes these rains wherever he wants) [Narrated by AlHakem]. You have to notice that any scientists or even a Bedouin can understand the meaning of the Hadith.

2.                   Prophet Mohamed told us about very important issue which is the distribution of rain in saying: (god distributes these rains wherever he wants). It is very strange to know that there are some scientific references about water drainage systems on earth by what is called water cycle.  Scientists confirm that each year there are fixed amount of rain, to be distributed as water in rivers, salty lakes, sweet lakes, etc……….

3.                   It is very strange that no one at that time denied prophet's Hadith  despite the opposition in his life and after his death .those people  were living in desert where rain may not fall down for years , simply they may say : how come ‼ As it rains only a little, this is a miracle.

4.                   Also it is a miracle that this Hadith kept without any kind of distortion for more than 1400 year despite it is against known facts by Muslims for many years .but they kept the Hadith and believed their prophet as a proof that Mohamed is god's messenger .  

5.                   There is a question to atheists who denies the prophecy of Mohamed, what made prophet Mohamed talks about unknown scientific fact that will not benefit him anyway!! As you the atheists say that Mohamed was only asking for famous so he wrote the Qur'an. But we say why prophet Mohamed told us about these scientific facts and didn't tell us about some of his own stuff if he was looking for power and glory. ?

Oh god we ask you to guide us to the truth in matters wherein they differed. As God guides whom He wills to the Straight Path.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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