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The Burning Sea


There are some facts which testify that Allah who descended the Qur'an is great, He be blessed and exalted told us about a burning sea and He swear by it, today the scientists show as some photos for that scene in the deep sea….

The earth fractures extend to cover seas and oceans, in the deep seas there are fractures where the molten fluid is leaking through it from the bottom of the earth. The modern science discovered these fissures where the molten lava is flowing out in the water for hundreds of meters that scene looks like a sea which is burning. The Qur'an told us about that scene when God says :( And by the sea kept filled (or it will be fire kindled on the Day of Resurrection) (Sûrat at-Tûr- verse 6).

Fourteen century ago, there were many myths and superstitions. Therefore, if the Qur'an was a human made, we may find some of these myths and superstitions in it. But the Qur'an is free of any of them which indicate that it is a divine book.

But the question is, what is the purpose of these fractures and how can it benefit the earth? The answer is that without these fractures and if the earth is one block, the heat and pressure will be kept inside it which will cause the earth crust to smash and the life to end.  

So, we can say that these fractures work as holes for the earth to breath, in another word we can say it works as a safety valve to keep the earth stable and balanced. 

The burning sea became a reality as we can see the molten lava in the deep oceans and seas while flowing and heating the bottom of the oceans till it freezes to form the mountains in the seas and oceans which form the volcanic islands. At the time of the descending of Qur'an no one knew that fact, who told prophet Mohamed about that?

He is Allah Almighty who know the secrets and knows everything, also He says about the burning seas: (And when the seas become as blazing Fire or overflow.)(Sûrat at-Takwîr- verse 6). After that the day of resurrection will come when the seas will explode, God says :( And when the seas are burst forth) (Sûrat Al-Infitâr- verse 3).

Here we can see how the Qur'an use the scientific facts to talk about future events as we see the seas are now burning in a limited way but at the day of resurrection all of them will burn and explode which is an evidence that day of resurrection will definitely occur.

Now we are going to demonstrate some photos for the burning seas. Glory to Allah!!


Flowing molten lava in the bottom of the sea, we can see that it heats the water; therefore it is a burning sea as God said.


A real photo for the burning sea which was discovered after 14 century, that scene confirms the sincerity of the Qur'an which is the opposite of what the atheists say.


After the molten lava accumulates, the volcanic islands are formed. Scientists confirm that at the bottom of all seas there are fissures where the molten lava are flowing out, this phenomenon is terrifying so that God swear by it that His torment will occur, God says :( And by the sea kept filled (or it will be fire kindled on the Day of Resurrection) * Verily, the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass * There is none that can avert it.)(Sûrat at-Tûr– verse 6-8).  

Let us read the full text :( By the Tûr (Mount)* And by a Book Inscribed *In parchment unrolled* And by Al-Bait-ul-Ma‘mûr (the house over the heavens parallel to the Ka‘bah at Makkah, continuously visited by the angels)*And by the roof raised high (i.e. the heaven) *And by the sea kept filled (or it will be fire kindled on the Day of Resurrection)*Verily, the Torment of your Lord will surely come to pass* There is none that can avert it.) (Sûrat at-Tûr–verse 1-8).


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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2- Scientists Catch Underwater Volcanic Eruption "In Action" in Pacific Ocean Depths, The National Science Foundation, November 27, 2006.  


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