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And with us is a book preserved


In this article we will demonstrate how Allah almighty had stored information about the beginning of creation in everything around us ….

Nowadays, scientists are talking about the preserved books in earth, but what does these books look like?

From twenty four thousand years ago ,ice was covering earth in what is called "the ice age" when ice covered all earth up to thousands of meters of height , and today scientists started to tell us precisely about that era: temperature, weather, structure of the atmosphere ,etc… but how did they get these information?


Today scientists are searching in the dust layers about secrets of creation, they noticed that each layer record a specific time of earth's age, here we remember God's saying: (Say: "Travel in the land and see how (Allah) originated the creation) (Sûrat Al-‘Ankabût- verse20)!!This is a clear sign that people will find secrets of origination of life inside the earth.  

One researcher started to cut a piece of ice in the Alps, then he discovered that it is 24000 years old and after analyzing and testing that piece he discovered some fine lines as each line is describing the status of the weather in one year. The air between its atoms was preserved despite the long time, so that they called this operation "the preserved record".  


The scientists have found that on each layer in the ice there is a record which stores the history over the years.


A section of an ice plate in the depth of 1800 meter, we can see the lines as each line represents specific age of that ice, look how Allah almighty had stored the history in these plates and He ordered us to travel around earth to discover the origination of life.

The same operation had been repeated by astronomers in the space as they started to pick up some small meteors which fall on earth and after analysis they discovered that it contains a full recode about its history, so that they discovered the status of universe 4000 million years ago!       

They did that through analyzing the meteor (its atoms and the remaining amount of radiation in it).


A fallen meteor which penetrated the atmosphere. After studying it by scientists they discovered that it contains some secrets about the emergence of the universe, these meteors are loaded with organic particles which are the basis of life.

This operation was repeated by the geologists, as they discovered the age of earth by analyzing the rocks, also one of those geologists was descended in a coal mine as he found flowing water. After analyzing this water he discovered that the age of this water is up to millions of years. Inside the water there were living organisms which lives in the water and they are growing despite the absence of light and air. He discovered the status of the weather at that time.


A section of a tree trunk which illustrate many rings and after studying each ring the scientists discovered that it stores information about specific time. Glory to Allah who stored these secrets inside those creatures.   

The same was repeated while studying age of man on earth as they discovered a preserved record inside each cell in human cells. When they found a Human skull which is one hundred thousand years ago , after analyzing its atoms they discovered that every thing was stored in these bones :the human structure, his specification , average of his age and what kind of food and drink he was eating and drinking.

After all of the above we conclude that everything is stored in records which are the atoms. All of these discoveries were found in the twenty century. Allah almighty told us in His book about all of that in a verse when the atheists and skeptics were wondering about the fact of resurrecting people after their death and after they had been transferred to dust. God be he blessed and exalted had replied: (We know that which the earth takes of them (their dead bodies), and with us is a Book preserved (i.e. the Book of Decrees).)(Sûrat Qâf- verse 4). 

Hence, we the human knows about all of these past events, what about the knowledge of Allah?  


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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