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Secrets of earth - 1

It is a Miracle of the Quran and the Prophetic Tradition. We're going to see the compatibility between science and our religion….


1- The fault (split)

Recent scientists found that the earth crust was formed millions of years ago and the faults started to appear on it which formed what was called the tectonic plates, the lava flows out from these faults. This new discovery wasn’t known at the time of prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, but Allah Almighty told us about this geological fact 1400 years ago as He Almighty says: (And the earth which splits*Verily! This (the Qur'an) is the Word that separates (the truth fromfalsehood, and commands strict legal laws for mankind to cut the roots of evil).),){Sûrat At-Târiq-verse 12-13}.Allah Almighty tells us that the Qur’an is the word that separates the truth from falsehood after He mentioned that geological fact which is clear evidence that the one who descended that holy book of Qur’an is Allah Almighty


2- Zones of earth

It’s a known scientific fact that man can’t penetrate earth because of the high temperature in its center (thousands of Celsius), also in its center there are flaming rocks and high pressures where no material on earth can afford. Allah Almighty told us this fact fourteen centuries ago as He says: (O assembly of jinns and men! If you have power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass (them)! But you will never be able to pass them, except with authority (from Allah)!){Sûrat Ar-Rahmân-The Most Gracious-vesre33}.

3- Rotation of earth

Earth rotates every day around its axis in a circular movement, its speed reach 1670km/h which is faster than Speed of sound (1200km/h) but we don’t feel this high speed. Also earth is rotating one complete turn each year around sun, its speed during that movement reach 100,000km/halso both earth and sun are rotating around center of the galaxy every 200 million years to complete one turn!!!  And the entire galaxy rotates in a magnificent huge orbit, Allah Almighty says :( They all float, each in an orbit.){Sûrat Yâ-Sîn –verse 40}


4- The barrier 

Now, recent scientists teaches this photo in the greatest universities as it proves the presence of an aquatic partition separates the sweet river from the salted sea at the downstream and they consider these partitions as one of the nature wonders that maintain the environmental balance. Allah Almighty referred to this scientific fact hundreds of years before those scientists, He the Exalted says: (And it is He Who has let free the two seas (kinds of water): this is palatable and sweet, and that is salt and bitter; and He has set a barrier and a complete partition between them) (Sûrat Al-Furqân-The Criterion verse 53)


5- Descending of rains

The scientists confirm that clouds in the sky looks like huge tanks full of water during rains, Allah Almighty described this phenomenon in a great precision as He says :(And have sent down from the rainy clouds abundant water){Sûrat An-Naba’-The Great News -verse14



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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