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The Colours of Fire


We'll come to know how this great prophet talked with prodigious accuracy about this scientific fact, which the western scientists consider themselves the first to have discovered!

In this article, I am going to elucidate a scientific fact that we frequently studied in the different kinds of scientific references, this fact is connected with the radiation of the blackbody, in other words, the gradualness of temperatures or the relation between the fire color or the radiation and the temperature.

we will bring forth the facts that scientists have found out in the twentieth century then we will reflex upon the speech of the unlettered prophet Mohummed, that he uttered before fourteen centuries, we will see how he talked about these facts and we will see how much these scientific facts  are in conformity with the speech of the master of all prophets and this will be among the many proofs of his prophethood and that he did not talk out of his desire but rather every word he uttered was from God.

The radiation of the black body

scientists assure that the colour of light (radiation) that the burning or the burnt material radiates is connected with the temperature of this material. This is a fact that remained unknown for a long time in the past, experiments proved the validity of this relation ; scientists assure that the only factor the affects the colour of the light radiating from the heated body is its temperature. So, the scientists name this relation " Colour temperature degree "[1]

when the temperature is increased, colours move from the long  metric wave  to the short metric wave that is from red colour to the yellow colour then to the blue colour then to the violet then the ultraviolet coloulr and finally the black colour.

on heating any material, its colour starts with the red colour and when  the temperature increases, the colour turns whiter and then moves towards the yellow colour. The white light – as we know – is composed of the seven colours of spectrum , so the dominating  seen light, when heating,is the white colour that is  a mixture of the seven colours, that form the rainbow.

finally, when the temperature increases much more , colours turn dark or deep till they become black.  Note that it is not physically possible to accurately mimic blackbody colours  but scientists assure that the black colour is the end of the colours of the heat spectrum .[2]

After long years of study the scientists set important physics formulas, among these is the law of black body radiation. This laws states that " the light density is in proportion with  wavelength and the temperature of the material. We can determine the colour of the spectrum light of the heated material  depending only on its temperature. This means that there is a direct proportion between the temperature and the light colour.

scientists assure these facts so much that they teach them in universities; they say  [3]"As you can see, if you heat a blackbody to 1900K, it glows orange. As the temperature increases, the color of the radiated light moves to yellow, then white, and finally to blue."

these words show how the light spectrum could be visible but as to very high temperature,scientists agreed that it can't be seen because it is dark.

Scientists think that if we heat a certain body to an infinite temperature, the wavelength  is zero !! that is there is no light at all, in other words there is black radiation and the resulting  fire resulting from burning this body of the  infinite temperature  is dark black.

This  is a theoretical speech as we can not  give practical effect to it because we cannot raise the temperature of any body to an infinite degree, there are limits for heat, no material can bear it.

temperatures and the colours

  • The red colorimeter reaches 700 nanometre but the violet colorimeter reaches 400 nanometre.
  • A star of a  temperature that amounts to 4000 k seems red
  • The stars of a temperature up to 10000 k seem white.

Stars of temperature more than 10000 k seem dark blue.[4]

So now we have shown the gradualness of colours: red – white – blue, what come after the blue?

The red colour is the first to appear

When we heat any material, the first colour –resulting from heating – to appear is red, which is the coldest of all,contrary to what we think !!!

The white Colour is the central colour or the Balance Colour

Scientists nowadays measure colour according the temperature connected with it ; the temperature of red colour is about 1800k, the yellowish white –similar to the mid day colour when the sun is shinning  is 6000 k. The blue colour temperature amounts to 10000k. So we come to the conclusion that the red colour is colder than the blue colour and this a scientific fact which scientists have recently discovered by measurements,numbers and experiments.[5]  So we find those who are concerned with colours make the white colour a central colour and call it " white balance " [6]

The black colour is the last to appear

you must have heard about whatsoever called the black holes, it is a star that exploded and plunged down and compressed by the act of the high gravity and diminished leaving a hole that can not be seen –this is a body of unconceivable high temperature.

The black hole, not only represents the final stage of a star life  but also represents the final stage of a star  temperature, and consequently represents the final stage of the colour of a star.

So the black colour is the last of temperature colour, so the scientists call it the imaginary object, which they depend on in their experiments( concerning the black body), they haven't got this object yet but they think about it theoretically.

We have talked about three main  colours, these are :the red, the white and the black. In fact there are a number of stages between these colours- a number of stages that the spectral light resulting from the rise in temperature moves from the red colour to the orange then to the white then to the blue then to violet and then goes beyond  all the visible colours to the dark side,i.e, that is invisible and ends at the black colour.

Now we come to our great prophet's words to see how he talked about fire, and now, after having finished our discourse about what man reached concerning fire, we lay this question : Is there a prophetic miracle concerning fire and its colours? and did the prophet determine the colours as the scientists discovered in modern time?

A prophetic miracle

prophet Mohummed was sent in a time when the polytheists were worshipping "fire". They sanctified fire, it was established  that fire was a god that they should worship and prostrate themselves to !How did prophet Mohummed deal with this question? Did he correct the prevailing doctrines at that time or did  he leave them in their ignorance?

In his admonishing  to people about God's punishment, prophet Mohummmed  tackled the colours of fire, and he used a scientific miracle to assure any doubtful  man that hell is inevitably coming, the prophet speech falls within this scientific miracles and this signifies that his word are true and that he was a true prophet.

Prophet Mohummed said " the hell fire was kindled for one thousand year till it become (red), then it was kindled for another one thousand years till it becomes white, then it was kindled one more thousand years till it becomes black –so is dark black "[ narrated in the book of Turmzy]

So,according to the Hadith,the colour rises gradually from red to white till it reaches the black colour !!! and this fact corresponds with the modern science. So this Hadith assures that the final stage of fire is darkness and this stage can not be seen in this life.

God says in the Holy Qu'ran what means commenting on what will happen on the doomsday "Hath there come unto thee tidings of the Overwhelming?  On that day (many) faces will be downcast, Toiling, weary, Scorched by burning fire,"  (   Surah 88. Al-Gashiya)

The word "burning " signifies the extreme heat,that is,the high temperature and also from this Quranic verse, we can understand that " continuous heating and consequently the change in colors  affirms the authenticity of this Hadith  [7]

Some scholars think that this Hadith is not strongly authenticated and what we would like to refer to the fact  that there is not whatsoever called a weak hadith

A Hadith is considered weak only when any one who narrated it is suspected because of his dishonesty or his bad memory. Since this Hadith is in conformity with science and since the scientific facts concerning the relation between the temperature and the colour was not known before to any human being, this Hadith can't have been produced by anyone other than prophet Mohummed, who received the divine revelation,so on this basis,this Hadith is correct as it is also narrated in the Sunan Ibn Maga and Al-Turmthy- two important encyclopedias concerning the prophet sayings

A prodigious miracle in the prophet's words:

Scientists have made the white colour the authoritative colour or the balance colour and prophet Mohumed did the same thing too ( red-white-black )

(2) scientists come to standstill at  the blue colour because they can not reach the black colour or, in other words, the infinite temperature but the prophet, through his holy Hadith, tackled things that we can not see but they are actually found ( in the space ) and scientists do believe in it  and they have concluded that through calculations.

(3)In his holy Hadith prophet Mohumed advances step by step from long wave color towards the short wave color,that is from the red color to the white and ended his speech with talking about the very short waves (color) and these can not be seen !! such gradualness that prophet Mohummed  mentioned is what the scientists follow scientifically as they, when they classify colors, go from the red color to the blue one.

(4) This Hadith tackled the time stages of colour changes,i.e, there is time –stage end for another colour to start and that there are continuous burning and heating that cause the change of colour and that what scientists talk about nowadays

 (5)Since scientists have recently found out  that the colour of the thermal energy colour depends only on the temperature  so, the prophet, through his discourse, is the first one to have linked between the temperature and the colour of heat  long centuries before being discovered by the western scientists.

 (6) The Hadith refers to the change of colour when the temperature changes ; the red colour is the coldest of all colours as scientists say nowadays and the white colour is the central or the temperate colour  but the dark colours have high temperature and they are extremely hot.

Refuting  a dubiosity

Whoever wants to doubt about this Haduth may say that fire doesn't need one thousand year so as to turn red because the light of a candle takes a part of a second to turn red. To refute this, we say the prophet here talks bout the hell fire of the doomsday and it is not the same as our fire, all the fires that we see today is a part of the hell fire prophet Mohummed said the fire that man uses in this life is a part of seventy parts of the hell fire, the prophet's companions said " it is( life fire ) sufficient? so the prophet said it is as ninety six times as the fire of this life. ", Narrated by Al-Bokhary

This Hadith refers clearly to the hellfire and its extreme heat and that the fire on the doomsday will be seventy times as much as the normal fire of this life.

So dear reader, think about what a horrible fire this is that took one thousand years to turn red and then one thousand years to turn white and then one thousand years so as to get black.

God says in the Holy Quran what means "Yet they ask thee to hasten on the Punishment! But Allah will not fail in His Promise. Verily a Day in the sight of thy Lord is like a thousand years of your reckoning." (22:47.  ) think about how this fire will be and think about how our bodies can bear a fire like this !! May God save us through his mercy !!

The conclusion

To whoever doubts about the doomsday and to whoever  doubts about God's punishment and to whoever doubts about the message of Islam, we ask him earnestly to read about the miracles of Prophet Mohummed and the miracles of the Holy Quran and we ask him to ask himself  a question and in the same time he is to answer himself " How did the prophet get to know about the gradualness of colours and how did he get to know that the final stages of temperatures will be the black colour?"

We deeply and humbly ask God to save us from the hell fire and its darkness, let's remember this hadith by the prophet ""Save yourself from the (Hell) Fire even with half a date (to be given in charity) and if you do not find a half date, then with a good pleasant word."

Oh God,help us to be among your loyal servants whom you say about them in the holy Quran what means " And who say: Our Lord! Avert from us the doom of hell; lo! the doom thereof is anguish" ( Surah 25. verse 65-66)


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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