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Kinds of Water In Holy Quran


We'll talk about the pure water, the fresh water and the saline water… This is a clear miracle in Quran...

In this article we will see that the Quran tackles the different types of waters and categorizes them according to there degree of purity. The Qur'an identifies the "distilled" water which is rainwater as the pure water, names the "fresh" water that we drink from rivers and wells the "sweet" water and names the sea water that holds a high percentage of saltiness as "bitter" water. It has been established scientifically the distinction between these kinds, and this what we will cover thoroughly in the coming sections. It's worthy to note the single drop of water contains five thousand million of water molecules!!! How many do the world seas include!!?

The Qur'an speaks about Distilled Water

Allah, all grandeur to Him says in His Glorious verses: (And it is He who sends the winds as good tidings before His mercy, and We send down from the sky pure water) The Criterion, 48.

I have contemplated on this verse for a long while and discovered that it tackles precisely the specifications that scientists label now days as "Distilled Water". They have revealed that the water we drink contains many substances and organisms. The single cup of drinking water we think is pure, carries millions of minute organisms like bacteria and viruses, and contains mineral substances like iron, copper, aluminium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. In addition it also contains organic substances like carbon, dust and other substances, all included in what we call as "pure" water.

Scientists have discovered that this water can be purified by heating it until the boiling point of 100 degrees Centigrade, then accumulating vapor, condensing it and then cooling it. As a result, you get distilled water that is pure to a great extent .Scientists say that the best kind of distilled water is rain water right before it descends to the ground and mixes with polluted particles in the air.

The civilization of this age has generated many of the pollution; the falling of rainwater cleans the atmosphere because the rainwater that is distilled is distinguished by its characteristic for the absorption of substances. It absorbs from the atmosphere, sulphur and other substances and minerals such as poisonous lead subsequently the rainwater's essence is acidic .On the contrary, the past rainwater was pure because the atmosphere was not polluted.

When the rain water descends to the group it filtrates through the soil and between the rocks and follows very complicated paths, and during this journey it mixes with some minerals and the salts found in the rocks. Consequently the rainwater to some extent takes an alkaline flavor. Due to this fact, we find the distilled water is unpalatable because of there is no flavor to it, where as, the taste of spring water is palatable


Scientists announce today that rainwater is distilled, this pure water due to its purged characteristics, is an excellent remover of dirt and can cleanse and sterilize any thing .And Allah proved it  when He termed the descending water from the sky by the "pure" water and this on its own, is precisely and scientifically accurate. (And we send down from the sky pure water).

Characteristics of the Rain water

Now lets reckon some of the characteristics associated with the water descending from the sky i.e.: rainwater .The rainwater is considered exactly as distilled water, resulting from the vaporization of the water from the seas and its condensation in the form of clouds then it descending as rain . Therefore it is thoroughly pure water. The rainwater can remove the dirt on the human skin more than the regular water, thus this water is considered a disinfectant used in medicine .It is free from the viruses and bacteria, also possessing the feature of the absorption of metals, gases and dust particles and any substance that comes into contact with it on a large scale, therefore it is an antiseptic to the atmosphere as well. 

After knowing these attributes we find that they meet accurately the single worded expression in the Qur'an about the rainwater, where Allah says: (And We send down from the sky pure water) The criterion, 48. The word "Tahura" (purified) in the language means the removal of dirt and impurities and the abstinence from it as stated in the dictionary.

The Fresh (Sweet) Water

There a new attribute associated with this water explained by the scientists and that it is capable of renewing the cells in the body on a larger scale rather than the common water. As for the energy scientists, they confirm that the rainwater possesses bigger quantities of energy, thus positively reflecting on the psychological state of the human.


Allah (swt) has mentioned the name of the river water and that stored under the ground that we drink as "sweet" water i.e.: water with acceptable taste. While He named the sea water by "salty" water for the indication of its surplus of saltiness. He also named the rainwater as "pure" water and hence the Qur'an is the first book that provides accurate scientific classification.

It is not strange that we find the Qur'an mentioning these characteristics clearly in the following verse: (Remember, when He overwhelmed you with drowsiness [giving] security from Him and sent down upon you from the sky, rain by which to purify you and remove from you the evil [suggestions] of Satan and to make steadfast your hearts and plant firmly thereby your feet. )  Al-Anfal, 11.

This verse specifically talks about rain water through the verse: (sent down upon you from the sky rain) and we previously embarked upon the cleansing feature in this water as Allah says: (Which to purify you).

We also spoke about the presence of energy it possesses thus affecting the human in giving him the push and power for confirmation, needed when facing the enemy. By this we are talking about the positive energy when facing intricate situations (1) and this is indicated in the following verse: (and plant firmly thereby your feet).

It is noticeable that the Quran differentiates between the word "Tahur"/pure and "Furat"/sweet in its verses for Allah says: (and have given you to drink sweet water.) Al-Mursalat, 27.  The water we drink from the rivers, springs and wells is acceptable and taste sweet because it contains quantity of the minerals like iron that causing the water to taste sweet. This definition suits the expression "Furatan"/sweet. The term "Furat"/sweet water in the language is the water with acceptable taste as described in the linguistic dictionaries .While the descending water from the sky is distilled water which possesses the characteristics of sterilization and cleansing and carries not taste! Therefore the Divine described it as "Tahura". So is there repetition in the Quran or is it a miracle?

The water as it descends from the sky is pure but when it mixes with the minerals and salts present in the land and become "Furatan"/sweet. Even though, the Qur'an speaks about the river waters, we find it using the term "Furatan"/sweet and not "Tahuran"/pure.

This is again due to the fact that the water of the sweet river contains many of the solved metals (minerals) in it, Exalted Allah says: (And not alike are the two bodies of water. One is fresh and sweet, palatable for drinking, and one is salty and bitter.) Fater,12.

The Bitter Water

The following verse made me contemplate: (And not alike are the two bodies of water. One is fresh and sweet, palatable for drinking, and one is salty and bitter.) Fater, 12. I wondered why Allah it associated each kind with two attributes, "Fresh and Sweet"-"Salty and Bitter". We know that river water is "fresh", why did Allah add another attribute "sweet"? Where as Sea water Allah described it as "Salty" but why did He assign to it another attribute "Bitter"? At the same time Allah assigned Rain water just one attribute "Pure"? Yes, this is because the rainwater as we saw earlier is pure, distilled and has neither taste nor smell, thus a single attribute suffices it.


The sea water is the "bitter" water. In the language the verb "Ujaj" means exceeded the limit, and this is what we find in sea water which maintains saltiness that exceeds the normal limit. Therefore Allah has described sea water as (Salty/Bitter) because the word (salty) is not enough as a description, but the fresh water does contain some salts but we don’t sense there presence!!

The Miracle:

The Quran uses the term "Tahuran"/Pure in association with water descending from the sky because it is pure water, and this is what scientists call "Distilled" water and considers it as a cleaning substance. Where as the word "Sweet" Allah does not associate it with sky water at all, but with the water that we drink.  River water is not completely pure and contains some salts and minerals giving it a palatable taste.

Further, if we ponder upon the Quranic description of Sea water we find the word "Ujaj"/Bitter which describes the excessive salt present in it. The Quran does not assign saltiness as an attribute on its own, it doesn’t "This is salty" only, but on the contrary, it mentions "It is salty and bitter". From a scientific point of view if we say that the water contains salts then this is ludicrous because all water types contain salts with varying degrees, therefore it is a must to describe the degree of saltiness, and this precisely is what the Quran did.

The Quran is the first book that handles the disinfecting characteristic of rain water or distilled water and this attribute is not mentioned except in association with sky water.  Whereas the human writing does not differentiate between the fresh water , the sweet water and the pure water while the Quran accurately made a distinction and positioned each term in its accurate place.

Glory is to Allah, every single word and letter in his Book fits flawlessly. The question we wish to forward to the skeptics in the field of scientific Quranic miracle is: If the Quran was a result of human formation, would it have been able to make the distinction between those words at that age??  Then we can denounce that the Quran spoke about those specifications before the physicists discovered it by long centuries.  That is to say that the Quran is the first book that makes the distinction between the natures of the water and this is a material proof of the Divine origin of such a book.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel








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