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Qur’anic & Prophetic Inimitability in Ecology 2

Western Scientists acknowledge Prophet Mohammad …

 Western Scientists acknowledge Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, as a pioneer of the environment and modern ecology because his teachings include many hadiths, sayings, which command man to preserve the environment and not to abuse the earth or overexploit it. Francesca De Chatel, a researcher, says it could be said that Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, is a pioneer of environmental protection because “a closer reading of the hadith reveals that he was a staunch advocate of environmental protection and he was ‘“environmentalist avant la letter” and a pioneer of   conservation, sustainable development and resource management, and one who constantly sought to maintain a harmonious balance between man and nature.” As we all know that the teachings of this merciful prophet organised people’s lives with their environment harmoniously for Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, commanded us to take care of the roads and streets because in one of his sayings, hadith, he commanded that harm should be removed from roads and considered this as an act of charity; Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said “removing harm form roads is an act of charity.”  Narrated by al-Bukhari and Imam Muslim.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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