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This is the creation of Allah: The spiral galaxy NGC 1365


Let us look attentively at this great galaxy which contains hundreds of billions of stars, all of them are floating in a tremendous movement by the power of Allah Almighty…

What is the spiral galaxy NGC 1365?

The spiral galaxy NGC 1365 is a galaxy which is 60 million light years from Earth and its diameter is 200000 light years; it is truly a majestic island universe. NGC 1365 is a dominant member of the well-studied Fornax galaxy cluster.


This impressively sharp color image shows intense star forming regions at the ends of the bar and along the spiral arms, as well as details of dust lanes cutting across the galaxy's bright core. At the core lies a super massive black hole.

Astronomers think NGC 1365's prominent bar plays a crucial role in the galaxy's evolution, drawing gas and dust into a star-forming maelstrom and ultimately feeding material into the central black hole.

The spiral galaxy NGC 1365 revolves a complete turn every 350 million years!!! Imagine how huge this galaxy is. Who found it, is it coincidence? Who put it in the right place in universe so that it doesn't collide with other galaxies? Who did create its stars, smoke and dust?

Indeed He is Allah almighty who says: (This is the creation of Allah. So show me that which those (whom you worship) besides Him have created. Nay, the Zâlimûn (polytheists, wrongdoers and those who do not believe in the Oneness of Allah) are in plain error.)(Sûrat Luqmân-verse 11).


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel







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