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Wonders of Healing with Fasting, Food and Quran

I like to remind you with some scientific secrets of fasting in addition to the secrets of healing with the Quran…

I like to remind you with some scientific secrets of fasting in addition to the secrets of healing with the Quran and food between science and faith…

Fasting isn't restricted to the Holy month of Ramadan , the best month of the year,  only but also the rest of the year. And in order to feel the greatness of this worship and perform it with desire, we must recognize its secrets most importantly, the scientific secrets of the main foods mentioned in the Quran. let us see together it benefits.


The most important thing is to prepare yourself psychologically for fasting:

A believer who is aware of the benefits of fasting in this life and in Heaven that awaits, undoubtedly will receive this month with great energy and a rested soul that pines to fast which leads to increasing the immune system and, thus achieving the utmost benefit of fasting. Unlike those who are negative about it. Those who smoke and fear that they might miss a few smokes during the day or those who eat too much and fear that they might miss a few meals because of fasting … and those who are used to luxury and play during the day so they feel that this month would restrict and deprive them of some of life's pleasures. These people don't feel the sweetness of this worship, days only pass them by heavily and they sit around pessimistic about it waiting it to be over. Therefore my brothers and sisters you must read this article to "charge" yourselves psychologically in order to practice this worship by recognizing its secrets.

Do you know that fasting kills viruses and ejects viruses?

Scientists say that refraining from food and drinks for certain periods gives a chance to the immune system to practice its functions strongly and reduces the burdens on the systems of the body because excess food wears it out. Therefore, once you begin fasting, your body cells begin ejecting the toxins piled up there all year long and you will feel more energetic and relieved and stronger than you've ever felt before!

Western studies confirm that fasting cures diabetes and the heart

A recent study published at the American Magazine of Clinical Nutrition Science showed that irregular fasting similar to fasting like Muslims is very crucial to treating some chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart and arteries.

Another study published at the American Society of Animal Science indicated that irregular fasting increased the efficiency of two hormone receptors " Adiponectin" which participates in regulating the body's sugar consumption and fatty acid metabolism in mammals, as well as playing a role in increasing the response of the tissues to the Insulin which regulates the building and destruction of glucose in the body.

Another study prepared by nutrition specialists and published by the British Journal of Nutrition which targeted a group individuals who fast during Ramadan has revealed that the change in the time of meals as well as decreasing its number during the Holy Month helped increasing the body's response to Insulin for those who have factors leading to diabetes.


Fasting reduces the chances of developing tumors

A study prepared by researchers at Grenoble University in France has showed that irregular fasting plays a role in decreasing the average of the development of lymphoid tumors to almost zero according to tests conducted on mammals. Other studies have also shown that irregular fasting increases the survival levels among individuals who suffer from liver tissue injuries which have the possibility of becoming tumors in the future.

Fasting slows down aging

The benefits of fasting aren't restricted to fighting chronic illnesses but they go beyond that to slowing down aging of brain cells for scientific studies have showed the role of irregular fasting in delaying the aging of brain cells and contributing in slowing down the appearance of Alzheimer's. this study conducted by the national center for aging studies in the US regarding the potential influence of irregular fasting and diets in which calories are decreased by almost half, and demonstrate the role of fasting in delaying the aging of brain tissue.


Fasting reduces the possibility of developing cancers    

In a recent study published in the magazine of Psychology and Endocrine which was conducted by a team of scientists a California University and they established that irregular fasting leads to stopping cancer cells from dividing and fasting proved to be more efficient than dieting.

Do you have extra weight… then a great opportunity lies ahead

   Hence, all the doctors from around the world confirm that refraining from food is the easiest and cheapest way to curing obesity, something that fasting achieves for you. Therefore, Allah has given us a gift whose value you can't know unless you recognize its benefits, it is the Holy month of Ramadan. It is an opportunity to reset your body rhythm, eliminate the excess fat, giving your body the chance to reorganize the work of the hormones and blood cells so that they might do their job in organizing the systems of the body and curing excess weight.

Do you suffer from a chronic disease which neither doctors nor medicine could cure?

There are several studies which confirm that fasting cures chronic diseases. A chronic disease is an illness which couldn't be cured with any medicine and remains for a long period of time. Now you have a golden opportunity to cure it no matter what IT is, because liver, kidney, colon and other chronic diseases have been finally cured by fasting. And when, brother and sisters, you realize the importance of fasting in curing them, then you undoubtedly will become more eager to this month and you would feel happy and joy while fasting because you'll gain many benefits.

Fasting has proved its ability to cure joint pains

Fasting is used today in the west (on their own way of course) to cure arthritis and back pain successfully. Fasting is "magical" process since it has the ability to organize the work of the different systems in the body and cure the pains resulting from the shrinking of the disks or the problems of backbones neck or feet. I would like also to provide you with another benefit which is eating dates during "eftar"( eating at magrib time when the sun sets) and during "sahoor"(shortly before dawn) because dates have proven to have the ability to cure knee, joint and other pains because it contains "healing data" that can organize the work of the cells and increase the immune of the body and as a result beating these pains.

Dates... dates… and dates

One can't count the numerous medical benefits of this blessed fruit which Allah mentioned in the Quran and the Prophet has talked about in his traditions. Dates are a perfect meal that includes all substances useful to the human body because they contain the necessary mineral and vitamins and a simple easily absorbed sugar that doesn't even harm those who are diabetic (if consumed in moderation). So my dear friends don't forget dates on you Ramadan table an even all year long.

Fruits… nutrition and cure

 Allah has created many kinds of fruits and made them our food and cure. All research confirm that fruits are very useful therefore we should focus on them during "eftar" and let's not forget that fruits are the food of the people of Heaven. Praise be to Allah, there isn't a single fruit that doesn't have some medical benefit which Allah blessed us with, so my advice to you is eat plenty of fruits and avoid fast food and deserts which contain large amounts of industrial sugar which with large quantities leads to many diseases mainly; diabetes.

Don't forget herbs

Allah has provided us with numerous herbs and gave these herbs medical benefits such as chamomile, anise, green tea and others. And science has proven that herbs have countless benefits since some are useful for the heart, blood pressure and cholesterol and are useful to the functions of the hormones and organization of the work of the different body cells. My advice to you is avoid soft drinks such as "Coca-Cola" and others and focus on green tea, chamomile, anise, Cummins and all medical herbs.

Olive oil from a blessed tree

Many research proved that olive oil is the best "food" for humans because it cures many diseases such as heart diseases, arteriosclerosis, ulcers, cancer and is considered a pain killer. There are scientific studies that say that olive oil reduces rate of oxidation in the body cells because this oxidation is one of the most dangerous process that affects the cells of the body and cause their damage and aging. Olive oil contains antibiotics that protect our bodies from the dangers of oxidation.

Charity cures diseases

When medicine is incapable of curing your disease, I provide you with a "magical" cure and that would be charity with the pure intention of directing to Allah because he's is the only one who can facilitate the reasons for the appropriate cure. But how to achieve that? By giving the poor some money, donate a certain amount of money for Da'wa (preaching Islam) because you may be the reason of guiding a lost soul to Allah, and spend so little to achieve Allah's satisfaction of you so He may give you plenty and save you the reasons of treatment and point you to the cure of your illness and facilitate the way of recovery.


Easy advice

My dear friends, don't forget that going to the mosques all the time on foot because walking is the best sport that protects the body from the dangers of heart attacks and strokes because it helps in losing weight and treating many illnesses especially, spine, lower back, neck and limps pains and cures blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. There is also a golden piece of advice, which is make honey a substance abundantly available at your home because it is a cure for all diseases. Science has proven countless benefits for honey because it is the best treatment of chronic cough and the best remedy for cuts, burns and blisters. Yoghurt is also a very beneficial food that one mustn't miss because it is useful to the stomach ulcers, bone diseases and particularly for children.

Beware of anger because it is the worst enemy of the heart and brain because anger and stress lead to sudden death, heart diseases, blood pressure and diabetes. If you do get angry remember death because it is the best treatment because all of us will be buried under the dirt and everything will vanish except what you have done, your patience, and good manners because they are the heaviest things in the scale of your deeds on Judgment Day.

Never forget to smile, because it is both a cure, a remedy and charity that costs you nothing. Smile all the time because then you'll spread joy and happiness around you everywhere you go. And scientists today believe that smiling could be a cure for some diseases.

Optimism is the best way to prolong your life, and of course "every one lives for his destined time" but to live your life happily in a good health is much better. Researchers say that optimism increases the immune system in our bodies and cures many chronic illnesses.

Finally, the Quran is the strongest cure

All the previous substances Allah has provided us with to benefit them in remedies, but there is something much more important than all of this; the words of Allah who created everything. It is the cure with the Quran because reciting the Quran and listening to it has a powerful impact on cells, heart and organs.

Reciting the Quran in humility and reverence leads to the stability of the functions of the heart, immune system, organizes the work of the cells of the body and energizes them especially brain cells. Therefore, my advice to you is practice the "Art of listening" to the Quran every day and is said "Art" because listening to the Quran should be with meditation and pausing at the meanings of the ayahs and reacting to them and crying in fear of Allah the Almighty. This is how you receive the best possible benefit from listening to the Quran.

Keep in mind, applying Islamic teachings because listening and reciting the Quran aren't enough, but applying them is most important because the Quran was revealed so that we apply what it brings and abide by its teachings. When you respond to Allah's call by praying, it is a cure for you, and when you have patience, perform pilgrimage to the House of Allah it is a trip filled with cure and when you help others it is a cure and when you honor your parents and keep the ties of kinship it is an effective cure …. And so on.


Now, would you apply these advice, save money and effort and protect yourself from the evils of diseases as of this moment?!         


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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