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Alcohol is a disease

Many researches confirm that alcohol is bad and cause damage……


Many researches confirm that alcohol is bad and cause damage for health and those who say that alcohol is good for hearts are totally wrong because drinking alcohol destroys the immune system , destroy the liver cells and negatively affects brain and leads to psychological disorders, The prophet peace be upon him says: (Allah is the one who descended the disease and the treatment and made for each diseases a treatment so don’t be treated by any prohibited treatment), Who told our illiterate prophet this scientific fact?

2-Alcohol affects the entire body

The sensitive and complicated systems such as nervous system, liver and endocrine are strongly affected by Alcohol which cause tongue cancer, heavily getting out of salivary and the expansion of esophagus and blood vessels. Recent studies confirm that most Esophagus cancer patients are alcoholics. One day a man asked the prophet peace be upon him about alcohol as a treatment, the prophet replied: (alcohol is a disease not a cure){Narrated by Muslim} Glory to Allah!! Who told the prophet this medical fact?

3-Alcohol affects our stomach

Studies confirm that Alcohol negatively affects the stomach as it causes Congestion of the mucous membrane, chronic ulcers and stomach cancer. Also intestine might be affected by dangerous inflammations and mal absorption because of the alcohol beverages, the prophet peace be upon him says :( all intoxicants are wine and wine is prohibited){Narrated by Muslim}



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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