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Allah has not put for any man two hearts inside his body

This verse testify that Qur’an is miraculous as man can’t carry two natural hearts in his body but he can carry one natural heart and another implanted one from a donator , what about woman?......


Life with one organ, is it possible? 

People might imagine that having two of some organs is redundant. We have two lungs, two kidneys and two eyes -- each doing the same job at the same time.

Dr. Tony Neff, a professor of anatomy and cell biology at Indiana University - Bloomington, warns against downplaying the role of duplicate organs. It takes both organs in those sets to carry out their job fully; although one can function alone, the process it carries out will not be done at full capacity, and the rest of the body suffers.



Scientists say that we can see with only one eye, but the eyes' function of providing depth perception will suffer and we'll bump into things much more frequently seeing with one eye than you would with two.

What would happen if we had an extra heart?

Physiologist Bruce Martin, a colleague of Dr. Neff's at Indiana University says: ” our body is a system, and it's built so that the system is always functioning at its full capacity. When the system is attacked -- for example, through starvation -- all parts of the system suffer at the same rate. Conversely, when one part breaks down, the whole system suffers. If our lungs become irreparably damaged -- say, through emphysema -- the rest of the system will slow down to accommodate the broken part”.

Glory to Allah, isn’t the same as what prophet Mohamed peace be upon him said 1400 years ago to his companions about the believers and how they should deal with each other’s as the prophet says: “believers with each other’s should be nice, merciful and sympathetic as the human body if one part of it is ill, the entire body will suffer exactly as the ill part”[Narrated by Muslim and declared by Alalbany as a Right Hadith].

Physicians say that our system is already functioning at full bore; the addition of an extra heart wouldn't do much.

There are many odd births around the world such as a born baby with two heads or more than two arms and two legs. But it was never found a case for a man with two hearts because heart is the responsible organ for organizing circulation, but what about woman?

Woman can hold two or more hearts when she is pregnant, she hold one baby or more so she holds more than one natural heart inside her body.

Heart is the most important organ in the body as it organizes the circulation and moves blood in very complicated system and recent studies proved that heart has a vital role in thinking and creativity of people


But in some cases a child may be begotten with two hearts but before he reach age of Manhood he die as a child.  

Recently, scientists succeeded in implanting another heart in man who has some heart difficulties and they use this technique to boost the ill heart by adding another heart from died people, so that they can live with two hearts but we can’t see a man lives with two natural hearts.  

Allah Almighty says concerning that: (Allah has not put for any man two hearts inside his body){Sûrat Al-Ahzâb - The Confederates –verse4}. Allah says that He Hasn’t put two hearts as it is an indication that He Almighty will not put two hearts in a child who will grow to be a man.

Now, we know this reality but before the medical evolution, Muslims used to read that verse without seeing its effects, so Muslims must believe in each single word in the Qur’an because that is the truth and Allah Almighty says about Himself at the end of the verse: (But Allah says the truth, and He guides to the (Right) Way){Sûrat Al-Ahzâb - The Confederates –verse4}.


Thanks Allah for the blessings of Islam



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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