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Bones and trees

Allah Almighty created trees and by His infinite power He made it able to be converted to fuel through the years, also He is able to recreate the bones after death, let us contemplate……  

A new discovery

A new procedure to turn blocks of wood into artificial bones has been developed by Italian scientists who plan to implant them into large animals, and eventually humans.



Human skeleton under X-ray as scientists have created a new kind of artificial bone derived from wood. When implanted, the artificial bone should allow live bones to heal faster and more securely


The Italian scientists believe that wood-derived bone substitute should allow live bones to heal faster and more securely after a break than currently available metal and ceramic implants.



Enlarged photo of a wooden sector, scientists say that they chose wood because it closely resemble the physical structure of natural bone, which is impossible to reproduce with conventional processing technology.


"Our purpose is to convert native wood structures into bioactive, inorganic compounds destined to substitute portions of bone," said Anna Tampieri, a scientist at the Instituto Di Scienza E Techologia Dei Materiali Ceramici in Italy.

To create the bone substitute, the scientists start with a block of wood -- red oak, rattan and sipo work best -- and heat it until all that remains is pure carbon, which is basically charcoal. The scientists then spray calcium over the carbon, creating calcium carbide. Additional chemical and physical steps convert the calcium carbide into carbonated hydroxyapatite, which can then be implanted and serves as the artificial bone.



Wood-based implants would have several advantages over traditional titanium or ceramic implants, as their physical structure is more spongy than solid, like many metal or ceramic implants, live bone should grow into wood-derived bone substitute quicker and more securely.


"One disadvantage (of titanium) is that its not bioactive," said Frank Muller, a researcher at the Institute of Materials Science and Technology in Germany. This means that titanium is unable to interact with living tissue, unlike the wood-derived substitute. Scientists assure that metal or ceramic implants meant to prevent bone breaks can sometimes cause them.




Tampieri say that the formed holes by the new artificial bones allow blood and nerves to pass because these new bones are free from any artificial substances and can afford weight of the body


Scientists say that within a few months, the real and the artificial bone will be like one continuous bone. Also they confirm that implanting wood into humans are about five years away to be achieved. But they believe that bones from wood could soon be opening up a new branch of medical science.

Point of inimitability

In the holy book of Qur’an there are many hidden secrets that are not discovered except by who is contemplating in the verses and its meanings as all verses are correlated and connected to each other to form a robust linguistic building.

Allah Almighty says: (Does not man see that we have created him from Nutfah (mixed male and female discharge semen drops). Yet behold! He (stands forth) as an open opponent* and he puts forth for us a parable, and forgets his own creation. He says: "Who will give life to these bones when they have rotted away and became dust?"* Say: (O Muhammad) "He will give life to them who created them for the first time! And He is the All-Knower of every creation!"* He, Who produces for you fire out of the green tree, when behold! You kindle therewith.){ Sûrat Yâ-Sîn -verse77-80}

Today, we can find some people who deny the recreation of dead people in the day of resurrection as they claim that these bones are converted to dust after years of death so, how can these scattered granules of dust are converted to bones another time?

Allah Almighty replied on those people and gave them two evidences for His ability to recreate people , the first evidence is when He Almighty says: (Say: (O Muhammad) "He will give life to them who created them for the first time! And He is the All-Knower of every creation!"){ Sûrat Yâ-Sîn-verse79} as the one who created things from the nothing is able to recreate them another time. In our life, if a building is destroyed and transferred to hundreds of pieces, the engineer who built it is able to rebuild it another time. What about the power of the creator of everything?! 

The second evidence by Allah Almighty as He says :( He, who produces for you fire out of the green tree, when behold! You kindle therewith.).

He Almighty tells us that trees give us fire and that is from the burning of these trees, also it gives us fire by its decomposition inside earth through millions of years which give us oil that is used in the field of energy as these trees after its extinction can be used another time when it decomposed to oil.

Allah Almighty wants us to understand that He Almighty by His power can exploit all rules to recreate things another time and can change decomposed trees from a perishable substance to oil to be used in useful uses


All of the above two evidences are clear for all people but when we contemplate in the meanings of Qur’an we find that Allah Almighty mentioned the trees after he mentioned bones. Isn’t a sign that these trees can be used in conjunction with bones?

Here, we have to understand that manufacturing bones from wood was not known at the time of prophet Mohamed peace be upon him also He Almighty referred to the extracted energy from trees and that reference is valid in all eras as in the past the only known energy was resulted from burning trees but now science taught us that these buried trees through years is transferred to oil which is the main source of energy in this era. If He Almighty told us that trees generate oil, no one through years may understand what is meant by that?

Who told our illiterate prophet about these scientific facts? Indeed He is Allah Almighty the creator of all creatures and everything



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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