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Secrets of Self (1)

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide somewhere in this world!  Every year 700 thousand people die…..


-1 Science Prolongs Life

A recent study by American researchers (according to the German magazine Focus) states that the average human life has to do with the duration of education, which he spent in his life. The holders of higher education enjoy longer lives than those who spent a short time in learning. It is known that there is a strong relationship between the high standard of living and the increase in the average age. This is due to the ability of the rich to enjoy quality products to maintain their health better. It also provides them with daily comfortable life. Here we remember how Islam has paid attention to acquiring science, the Prophet peace be upon him considered that to be a duty on every Muslim man and woman.  The first word revealed in the Quran is (read)!!  Al Mighty says, “……Allah will rise up, to (suitable) ranks (and degrees), those of you who believe and who have been granted (mystic) Knowledge. And Allah is well- acquainted with all ye do” [Al-Mujadala (She That Disputeth, The Pleading Woman), 11]

 2  -Suicide

Every 40 seconds someone commits suicide somewhere in this world!  Every year 700 thousand people die due to different suicides.  Scientists confirm in latest scientific research on prevention of suicide that persons with suicidal tendencies must be informed of the seriousness of their work and its consequences and to bring to their attention that suicide is a work that ends with painful and tragic consequences. This method is very effective in preventing them from committing suicide. It is strange that this is what the Quran did exactly!  Al Mighty says, “Nor kill (or destroy) yourselves: for verily Allah hath been to you Most Merciful!  30. If any do that in rancour and injustice,- soon shall We cast them into the Fire: And easy it is for Allah.  [An-Nisa' (Women)- 29-30]  It was found that suicide rate among Muslims is almost close to zero; this shows the greatness of Islam in his teachings that prohibit suicide, which contributed strongly to reduce this ratio, whereas the highest rate of suicide is among atheists!!  Praise be to Allah for the blessing of Islam


3- Hope

Psychologists found that positive thinking is the most important and more effective in the treatment of diseases than medical treatment!   Secular doctors failed to give hope or happiness to a person who oversaw the death, but the teachings of the Quran gives us this happiness whatever the circumstances are.  Consider with me to the most beloved peace be upon him on his deathbed, what did he do?  Was he sad? Was he desperate? Was he worried, depressed or afraid?  Never!  His daughter Fatima, may Allah be pleased about said: “O’ Calamity” and he said: “No calamity on your father after today”!!  Look at this optimism, the prophet at the moment of death was happy, joyful, to meet his Lord, what about us who believe, do you act upon this merciful Prophet?


4- True Happiness

The positive teachings that man received and exercised have a significant impact on happiness and longevity more than the impact of medication and medical care!  Therefore, the Quran is full of positive teachings and this reminds me of the story of the prophet Jacob after he lost his sons Joseph and his brother, he did not despair of the mercy of Allah. Look at how he addressed his sons:  "O my sons! go ye and enquire about Joseph and his brother, and never give up hope of Allah.s Soothing Mercy: truly no one despairs of Allah.s Soothing Mercy, except those who have no faith."  [Yusuf (Joseph), 87]   It is a sign full of mercy and full of optimism, not despair.  Look at how the Quran considered that despair as disbelieving in Allah Almighty!!  Why?  To give us a strong message that despair of the mercy of Allah is forbidden in Islam and this was practiced by the early Muslims who were given force to spread Islam in the world


-5Satisfaction addresses diseases

Psychologists recently realized the importance of self-satisfaction and life satisfaction and the importance of this in the treatment of many mental disorders.  In a study published on the magazine "Happiness Studies", it turns out that there is a close relationship between satisfaction and happiness.   Dealing with reality with the consent of the same conviction makes a person happier, while the man who complains and is not satisfied with what he was given, we find him living more miserable and his immune system is weak.  This explains why thinking about diseases, fear and sadness and negative thinking, all this increases the risk of chronic diseases! The Prophet peace be upon him is the most optimistic of mercy of Allah, and who encouraged us to embrace optimism and satisfaction, and he says: "Pleased with Allah as Lord and Islam as a religion and the Quran as a guide” Whoever utters it, will be Allah duty to please on the Day of Resurrection!



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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