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Food Secrets (1)

Recent studies state that pomegranate is significant for the treatment of many diseases …

The Benefits of Pomegranate:

Recent studies state that pomegranate is significant for the treatment of many diseases. Among the latest researches is what has been revealed by American and European scientists concerning the benefits of pomegranate for pregnant women for it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and easily absorbed salts. Besides, researchers confirm that having one pomegranate for a period of month, for instance, or even more helps in curing anemia, arthritis, and rheumatism. In addition, it has other benefits for the heart and arteries. Pomegranate is also beneficial for children, nursing women, young and old people. This helps us realize why Allah, the Great, mentioned pomegranate in the holy Qur’an.

Allah, the Almighty says:

In them will be Fruits,

And dates and pomegranates

Then which of the favours

Of your Lord will ye deny?”1                                                                Rahman (God) Most Gracious: 68-69


Fruit and Meat:

When contemplating the Qur’anic verses that describe the food of the companions of the Garden, it’s noticed that fruit comes first and then meat. This definitely has a great medial benefit because fruit contains simple, easily absorbed and digested sugars, the major source of energy for the body. Hence, it gives a feeling of fullness. Eating meat first, however, means that the human body would require three hours to absorb the food.  Thus, there is a great wisdom behind such an eating order.

Allah, the Exalted says:

And with fruits,

Any that they may select;

And the flesh of fowls,

Any that they may desire."                                      Waqi'a or the Inevitable Event: 20-21 (ibid)

It’s advisable, therefore, that we take such scientific fact into consideration especially at the month of Ramadan when we have our Iftar2 .



Medical studies have confirmed that figs have various health benefits. It contains bacterial disinfectants, reduces cholesterol, and contains a high percentage of sugar, thus being a good source of energy. Some other studies indicate that having some figs on a daily basis prevents from cancer. Figs also have a great benefit in organizing intestines’ functioning. Moreover, it helps in the prevention and cure of constipation through eating it as well as boiling its leaves and dipping the affected area in them. Above all, it has been revealed that figs are vital for rejuvenation among other benefits. Accordingly, Allah mentions figs in the holy Qur’an and swears by it:

By the Fig

And the Olive                                                                                          Tin or the Fig: 1     (ibid)



Pumpkin is a very significant food, especially currently, since it contains about 95% of water, many minerals, a small quantity of sugar and fibers, much potassium and little sodium. Scientists, therefore, affirm that pumpkin is helpful for losing weight and for blood pressure patients. Recent medical researches confirm that pumpkin helps in curing cancer and relieving headache. It must have become evident why Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, favored that fruit and made sure to seek it whenever he was offered food. (Narrated by al-Bukhari) Accordingly, let’s add such food to our meals during Ramadan, the month of the holy Qur'an.


Eating while Standing:

Physicians point out that when standing, the nervous and muscular systems of a human body are highly efficient unlike sitting where the two systems don't have to be that intensified, relaxed. It is wrong therefore to eat and drink while standing; it's healthier to do so while sitting. Physicians have observed a number of cases that suffer from digestive disorders. Such cases have tried different medications, but in vain. However, as soon as the patients stopped eating and drinking while standing and stared having their meals and drinks while sitting, all digestive disorders simply vanished. It’s not a coincidence that Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, advised us to eat and drink while sitting. (Prophet Mohammad warned us against eating or drinking while standing) narrated by Imam Muslim. Would you accordingly treat yourself by following the sunnah of this great prophet?




By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



[1] Ali, Abdullah Y. The Holy Koran. <>.

[1] The evening meal when Muslims break their fast in Ramadan.



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