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Food Secrets (2)

Fish protein is highly nutritional and easily digested. It is also good for patients suffering from …


Fish protein is highly nutritional and easily digested. It is also good for patients suffering from digestive disorders. Besides, fish fat is distinguished by being rich in unsaturated fatty acids, useful harmless acids that are capable of lowering the fats level in the blood. Hence, such acids are good for preventing arteriosclerosis especially coronary artery diseases. Fish fat is easier to digest than meat fat.

Allah, the Almighty says:

It is He Who has made

The sea subject, that ye

May eat thereof flesh

That is fresh and tender                                                                        Nahl or the Bee: 14   (ibid)

Fish is indeed considered as one of the tenderest types of meat and is known for its high nutrients. All glory and Praise to Allah who has made us all such gifts.



 Vinegar is disinfectant and germ killer. Recent studies confirm that adding vinegar to food has a significant impact on the treatment of food poisoning. Researchers have also noticed that vinegar lowers blood sugar and cures infections. Due to all such benefits among others, Prophet Mohammad told us a marvelous hadith; (vinegar is the best dip) narrated by Imam Muslim.  Why don't we therefore follow the steps of Prophet Mohammad in our foods?



Grape juice (especially when pressed with its seeds) is effective for the treatment of both lung infections and cancer. It also helps dissolve kidney stones. Researchers emphasize the significance of grape juice for activating the liver, organizing its functioning, and removing toxins. It also activates muscles and helps stabilize the nervous system. Besides, it has a relaxing effect and could help in curing emotional reactions. That’s why Allah, the almighty mentioned this fruit in the holy Qur’an. Allah says:

With it We grow for you

Gardens of date-palms

And vines: in them have ye

Abundant fruits: and of them

Ye eat (and have enjoyment)                                           Mu-minun or the Believers: 19   (ibid)

Glory to Allah for granting us all such graces.



Ginger is antiemetic and helpful in organizing the digestive system. Scientists affirm that ginger contains bacterial disinfectant materials in addition to being anti-diarrheal, anti-colic, and worm killer. A recent Chinese study proved that ginger cures arthritis, rheumatic, and lower-back pain.  Studies have also proven that eating a small amount of ginger contributes to organizing heart functioning and reduces the risk of heart attacks. Ginger is already mentioned in the holy Qur'an; Allah, the almighty says:

And they will be given

To drink there of a Cup

(Of Wine) mixed

With Zanjaīl                                                                                     Insan or Man: 17   (ibid)


Camel Milk:

A study that was published by the American Journal of Medicine in 2005 proved that camel milk is extremely beneficial for the treatment of cancer, viral infections, and chronic diseases as well as cardiovascular diseases. Accordingly, we could realize why Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, urged us to drink camel milk as narrated by Imam Bukhari, to cure many diseases.



Henna is a good antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-fungal plant. Recent researches emphasize its significance in curing burns, fostering wounds, and warts. Moreover, it is very effective for curing heel fissures and foot fungus. It is also better than artificial hair dyes and doesn’t have any side effects. It helps organize heartbeat, lowers blood pressure, and cures headache. Hence, we come to realize the prophetic tradition for Tirmizi narrated: (Whenever the Prophet suffered with injury or thorn piercing, the wound was only treated with Henna).




By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel
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