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A Scientific Report Affirms that AIDS is threatening the American Capital

It’s AIDS: this fatal disease that has started invading the American capital until it has become a dangerous pandemic. Scientists, however, are unable to solve this phenomenon, so how did Islam solve it? …

The health management in the American capital, Washington DC, stated that the outspread of aids in the city has reached a pandemic level for 3% of its’ criticizes who are over 12 years old are infected with the AIDS virus. The management stated in a report that the pandemic is more prevalent among African Americans as well as people between 40 and 49 years old.

This report confirms that the level of aids outspread rates in Washington DC is equal to that of Uganda and surpasses that of several African states. According to the report, the UN and the pandemic control and fighting management in Washington DC have always described the outbreak of aids as pandemic and serious in cases when its rate surpasses that of 1%.

The report stated that "the general rate in the district is even three times” this rate. In comparison only 0.5% Americans have cancer. The report considered that this rate is conservative since a number of Americans in Washington DC aren't aware that they have aids. The rate of aids among black males has reached 6.5%, 3% among Latin males, and 2.6% among white males.

The disease rate among people between 40- 49 years old has reached 7.2% followed by 5.2% among people between 50-59 years old. The major reason for aids in Washington DC is male homosexuality followed by bisexuality, followed by taking illegal drugs.


This is a picture of aids virus that puzzled scientists though it's the weakest of God's creatures!!!! Look how this weak creature defeats atheist scientists who claim that nature exists by coincidence!

In fact, this creature is but one of God’s soldiers and forces that Allah has subjected to fight homosexuals and those who do shameful deeds. Would they then repent to Allah; Allah, the exalted says:

 And We have set none But angels as guardians Of the Fire; and We Have fixed their number Only as a trial For Unbelievers,—in order That the People of the Book

May arrive at certainty, And the Believers may increase In Faith,—and that no doubts

May be left for the People Of the Book and the Believers, And that those in whose hearts

Is a disease and the Unbelievers May say, "What symbol Doth God intend by this?

Thus doth God leave to stray Whom He pleaseth, and guide Whom He pleaseth: and none

Can know the forces  [soldiers] Of thy Lord, except He. And this is no other than

A warning to mankind.” Muddathth or One Wrapped up: 31


Raymond Martinez, the medical director at Whitman Walker center, one of the biggest centers specialized in aids care, says that the real number of aids spread level is 5% adding that when more inhabitants of the district are examined, the disease outbreak rate is about 5%. In fact it’s higher than 3%, but a huge number of people haven’t been examined yet. The increase that has been recorded recently is due to the pressure to make everybody take aids medical tests.

The report stated that the specialized management adopted a strategy that consists of a number of points to solve the pandemic outbreak. First, promoting the medical test and preventing the spread of the virus through the use of condoms, fighting the habits of using illegal drug injections, and finally providing more advice and awareness to the actual infected patients.

All Praise to Allah for the Grace of Islam

When we read this report and have a look at the UN statistics that assert that the rate of aids cases constitutes terrible numbers and that the major reason for this disease is doing shameful deeds of all types, we would realise why Islam has forbidden shameful deeds of all types; Allah, the almighty says:” Say: The things that my Lord Hath indeed forbidden are: Shameful deeds, whether open Or secret; sins and trespasses Against truth or reason; assigning Of partners to God, for which He hath given no authority;

And saying things about God Of which ye have no knowledge.”      A’raf: 33 (Ibid)

If American researchers don’t forbid shameful deeds and homosexuality, they will never be able to solve the damage that has taken place in their country. Despite the many continuous appeals of scientists, the medical precautions, spending a lot of money on medical examinations, etc this disease isn’t still eradicated and is even increasing.

Here the greatness of Islam becomes evident because it has forbidden adultery, homosexuality, and intoxicants at a time when no one on earth knew anything about their medical dangers and when no one could have predicted that doing shameful deeds and talking about them publically (as is happening in non-Islamic countries) will cause new diseases at the top of which is aids.

Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, whom Allah sent as a mercy to mankind, however talked clearly about such phenomenon when he said: “never does sexual perversion become widespread and publicly known in certain people without them being overtaken by plague and diseases that never happened to their ancestors who came before them.” narrated by Ibn Maja.

The question is how could an illiterate man at that time take people away from ignorance, shameful deeds, and worshiping stones to the light of faith, guidance, purity, and righteousness? Today, the scientists of the 21st century are unable to solve the phenomenon of aids , so how could a man who lived in the desert (as infidels say) and who didn’t have sufficient education, research or ability know the cons of shameful deeds and lewdness? How did he convince people to stop doing these awful shameful deeds? The only logical explanation is that it is Allah, the almighty who convinced and guided people to faith by virtue of the holy Qur’an and that Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, did call people to Islam honestly without adding or deleting anything from its teachings and message and this is a logical and practical evidence of the truthfulness of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, as well as that of the message of Islam and the holy Qur'an, the word of Allah, the almighty. All praise to Allah for the grace of Islam and we ask Allah, the merciful to forgive us in this world and in the hereafter.



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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