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Sexual relation in the prophetic guidance

Even in sexual relation, prophet Mohamed peace be upon him is teaching people to reach happiness in this life and in the hereafter, let us read …

The prophet ordered us not to start the sexual relation with our wives just like animals as he said that we have to make a messenger between man and woman which is the kiss.

The prophet teach us that this relation should be organized and should be based on mercy and quietas to begin the relation with kissing is not only just a start but it has many medical benefits.

According to a new study, researchers found that the kiss is not just a start but it is a biological indicator for the sexual attraction and it stimulates a group of hormones that leads to success or failure of the sexual relation.

The said study suppose that kiss is responsible for the delivery of the taste and the smell and helps in building the impression between man and woman as studies confirm that women are attracted by men who have different immune system than their system as they can discover that by the kiss.

According to his study,DR/Gordon G.Gallup at the University at "Albany" in USA says that 59% of men and 66% of women said that their attraction to the other party was ended after the first kiss , also he says he found that kiss is so important for women than men.


Professor Gordon G. Gallup joined the University at Albany in 1975 as professor and chair of the Department of Psychology. He served as chair from 1975 to 1984, and since that time has been a professor in biopsychology. His scholarly activity has made a significant impact on the discipline of psychology and continues to bring national and international recognition to the University.

The Albany study also found sex differences in the importance and type of kissing. Males tended to kiss as a means to an end -- to gain sexual favors or to reconcile. In contrast, females kiss to establish and monitor the status of their relationship, and to assess and periodically update the level of commitment on the part of a partner.

According to the study, kissing between sexual or romantic partners occurs in more than 90 percent of human cultures. Some non-human animals, such as common chimpanzees and bonobos, appear to engage in kissing-like behaviors as well.


Animals like human, glory to Allah!!!!!!

Here we can remind you with what Allah almighty said in the holy Qur’an: (There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered.)[Sûrat Al-An’âm-verse38].

Although kissing is a widespread practice among humans, few scientists have attempted to assess the adaptive significance of kissing behavior.

"Kissing is part of an evolved courtship ritual," said Gallup. "When two people kiss there is a rich and complicated exchange of information involving chemical, tactile, and postural cues. This may activate evolved mechanisms that function to discourage reproduction among individuals who are genetically incompatible."

According to the researchers, not only do females place more emphasis on kissing, but most would never engage in sex without kissing.  Females were more likely than males to insist on kissing before a sexual encounter, and more likely to emphasize the importance of kissing during and after sexual encounters as well. By comparison, males said they would be happy to have sex without kissing, and far more males than females expressed a willingness to have sex with someone who was not a "good" kisser.

So, we have to understand why the prophet peace be upon him did advice men to start their sexual relation with wives by kissing.

Also, the researchers speculate that the exchange of saliva during kissing may have biological consequences in its own right.  Male saliva contains measurable amounts of the sex hormone testosterone which can affect libido.

The authors conclude that the study provides evidence that romantic kissing evolved as an adaptive courtship strategy that functions as a mate-assessment technique, a means of initiating sexual arousal and receptivity, and a way of maintaining a bonded relationship.

"Kissing is not just kissing. It is a major escalation or de-escalation point in a powerful process of mate choice," said Helen Fisher, professor at Rutgers University and author of the book "Why Him, Why Her: Finding Real Love by Understanding Your Personality Type.”


Dr/Helen Fisher, professor at Rutgers University

“59 percent of men and 66 percent of women reported that after feeling attracted to another person initially, the attraction ended after the first kiss” Fisher said.

Also she said”humans have evolved three core brain systems for mating and reproduction:

              Lust—the sex drive or libido

              Romantic attraction—romantic love

              Attachment—deep feelings of union with a long term partner.”

Women tend to be attracted to male partners with a different immune system makeup from their own, Fisher said. They subconsciously detect information about a partner's immune system through smell during kissing, she said.

Research led by Wendy Hill, professor of neuroscience at Lafayette College, looked at how kissing affects the hormones oxytocin, sometimes called the "love hormone," which is associated with social bonding, and cortisol, a measure of stress.

My beloved, from all of the previous we have to understand why did the prophet order us to start the sexual intercourse by kissing because the sexual relation is an organized operation that have a meaning and purpose not just a way to voiding the human desire just like animals.

Hence, we have a question if the prophet is a lustful man, why did he saythis medical advice which complies with the latest medical discoveries? 

Also, the prophet asked people to marry and he said about those people who don’t want to marry” whoever don’t follow my orders is not like me”, so the prophet organized the sexual relations and ordered us to marry….that is exactly what the latest scientists are calling  people to do and follow. 

According to another studies, the scientists confirm that the sexual relation has many benefits such as to prevent flu, heart and cancer diseases and  to have a protective effect on men's health.

In a research by Queen's University in Belfast, scientists found that practicing sexual relation for three times a week has reduced by 50% the probabilities to be affected by heart attack and has many benefits to protect the Skeletal and the density of bones.


At the end we want to say to the atheist who claim that the religion of Islam is not in conjunction with the science: what did you offer the humanity? In fact you offered the world many disasters such as: Aids, suicide, Pessimism, depression, home violence, raping, murders, drugs and sexual diseases.

Our advice to you is to follow the guidance of this religion to save your efforts and time in this life and to be away of the hell in the hereafter.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel







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