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Honey Prevents against Cancer

Dr. Emma Kruger, of cancer research center in the UK, asserts that honey undoubtedly has useful properties…

Researchers say that honey and royal jelly could constitute part of the arsenal against cancer. A researcher team of Zagreb University in Croatia has discovered a group of honey products that stopped the growth or spread of lab mice tumor and said in a published paper in the journal of the science of food and agriculture that also people who have cancer could benefit from these results. They also suggested that honey products might cause apoptosis, programmed cell death or have a direct poisonous impact on the cells or help the immune system that fights the growth of cancer cells. The team led by Dr. Nada Oursalichsaid that the study has found that honey products could be a useful material in controlling tumor growth.

In the shadow of the current wave of chronic diseases that we face due to climate change, we call upon everybody to use honey as a preventive material even healthy people should get some honey everyday and it will help their immune system to fight more diseases.

Such a study shouldn’t go without considering the Qur'anic verse that talk about honey, Allah, the almighty says:” Then to eat of allThe produce (of the earth),And find with skill the spaciousPaths of its Lord: there issuesFrom within their bodiesA drink of varying colours,

Wherein is healing for men:Verily in this is a SignFor those who give thought.”(suratNahl or the Bee: 69)

This verse confirms that honey wasn’t mentioned in the holy Qur’an in vain, but rather because Allah, the exalted knows the great healing properties of honey and that's why it's mentioned in the holy Qur'an.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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