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A Study Asserts the Significance of Work

Numerous studies and research constantly prove that the teachings of Islam are in consistent with science and mind including the following American study that asserts the significance of work for man’s life.. …


American researchers have found that working hard, persistently, and regularly is associated with longevity. Researchers at the University of California have discovered that people who love to work and aspire to progress are more likely to live four more years than reckless ones who waste their money on their lower desires. Besides, it’s been discovered that disciplined people who are determined to achieve their goals are happier and more stable than others because they stay away from illegal drugs, intoxicants, and risks, an attitude that make them healthier. The study has revealed that the awareness rate plays a role in the death issue for it’s considered an influential factor on medical risks and fortunes.

Prof. Howard Friedman who conducted this study says: “aware people not only have better health habits, but they also live in healthier environments and have more secured jobs and their relationships are stronger and more solid; there's evidence that people become more aware when they have secure jobs and enjoy good marriages.”

The study which was published at the “health psychology” journal has emphasized the idea that being guided, persistent, and organised, in addition towanting to attain a certain achievement are the most important factors in man’s life.


Based on the previous study, we can see that Islam guides us to all that's useful for us in this world and in the hereafter for Allah, the almighty urges us to work and even tells us that Allah will observe our work on the Day of Judgment; Allah says in the holy Qur’an:

And say: "Work (righteousness):,Soon will God observe your work,And His Apostle, and the Believers:Soon will ye be brought backTo the Knower of what isHidden and what is open:

Then will He show youThe truth of all that ye did."Tauba or Repentance: 105   (Ibid)

Islam also urges us to be ethical; in fact what countsmost on the Day of Judgment is man’s morals and ethics and the closest people to Prophet Mohammad, PBUH,  in paradise are the most moral ones according to what prophet Mohammad, PBUH, told us.

Islam also forbids drinking wine and intoxicants and chasing lower desires, as well as futility, idle tales, and back biting and commands us on the other hand to be modest and work hard and most importantly to work sincerely and to the best of ourcapacities. Accordingly, we can say that the teachings of Islam are in harmony with science and mind unlike the claim that Islam contradicts science and mind.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel
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