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An American Woman Gives Birth to Eight Twins

Scientists consider this phenomenon as a natural miracle, but we as Muslims believe that Allah, the almighty knows all that’s in the womb and he creates whatever he wishes all glory to Allah…..let’s read.. …

Allah, the exalted says in the Holy Qur’an:” He it is Who shapes youIn the wombs as He pleases.There is no god but He,The Exalted in Might,The Wise.”Al-i- Imran or the Family of Imran: 6

 Accordingly, it’s Allah who shapes the fetus in the mother’s womb in the shape Allah has destined for him and no one could interfere in the course of accurate processes that take place during the fetaldevelopment. Despite the great medical advancement, any human interference leads to fetal deformation just like what happens in failure human cloning attempts.

However, every now and then, weird cases occur that call for contemplation and meditation to realise the glory of Allah, the creator the almighty. A Californian woman, for instance, has recorded the weirdestsecond birth giving of its kind when she gave birth to eight alive twins;this astonished physicians who were expecting only seven twins in the mother’s womb.

The average weights of the twins were between 800 GMs and 1.5 KGs and six of them are boys and they are all in good health in baby incubators after a caesarian operation according to the physicians at “Caesar”  Hospital in Bellflower in the state of California.

Although three twins still need ventilators, none of the twins have been noticed to have any serious problems. The expectant mother started having pains in the twenty third month when she was admitted to the hospital where she spent seven weeks and got bed rest.

During her stay at the hospital, a staff of 46 physicians and nurses took care of her and remained alert and ready for the birth that took place nine weeks before its due date. Dr. Harold Henry, head of the nursery dept. at the hospital said that knowing the real number of twins was hard especially with all these twins in the womb adding "it's easy to make mistakes when you expect that there are seven twins.”

Doctors said that the first week particularly the first three days will be critical for the eight twins and they confirmed that the mother is in a very good condition and that she's excited and amazed by those eight babies. The first birth of eight twins in the USA took place in 1998 in Huston, Texas but one of the twins passed away a couple of days later while the other seven are celebrating their tenth birthday currently.

She gave birth to eight twins, thus she caused an ethical debate

When more information was revealed about the twins’ mother, an ethical debate started to take place about the possibility of the involvement of the artificial insemination center in an unethical case especially that the mother has six more children while the maternal grandfather said that his daughter wanted to have only one kid and didn’t expect eight twins.

It’s still unknown how the mother ended up having eight embryos for the maternal grandmother said in a press release to the Los Angeles Times that her daughter underwent artificial insemination and the embryos were implanted. Sara Rosenthal, professor of bioethics at the science faculty in the University ofKentucky says: “if the mother underwentartificial insemination, this raises ethical issues that implanting eight embryos is considered irresponsible and unethical ….it shouldn’t have happened.”

Physicians say that giving birth to many twins exposes mothers’ and twins lives to many dangers such as cerebral hemorrhage, intestine problems, growth retardation, and eternal learning disabilities. In Europe, mainly in Germany and Italy, and according to Prof. Robert George of Brenston University, it's prohibited to implant more than three embryos each time. 

The other debate that this issue raised is the mother's mental health because choosing artificial insemination while being able to give birth naturally reflects concern about hersanity. This case also raised the point that the mother has also six children though she’s unmarried which means that seeking more kids is questionable.

The big question, however, is about the physicians who were in charge of the artificial insemination and whodidn’t ask her any questions neither personal nor health in addition to not questioning the mother’s desire to have more children. This woman has been recorded as the weirdest second birth of its kind when she gave birth to eight alive twins, a thing that astonished the physicians who were expecting to find only seven twins in the mother's womb.



Dear readers, imagine that despite the great medical advancement, the physicians didn’t know how many twins were in the mother’s womb. Hence, Allah, the almighty says in the holy Qur’an:

“God doth know whatEvery female (womb) doth bear,By how much the wombs

Fall short (of their timeOr number) or do exceed.Every single thing is before

His sight, in (due) proportion.He knoweth the UnseenAnd that which is open:

He is the Great,The most High. “Ra’d or Thunder: 8-9 (Ibid)

Scientists affirm that knowing the precise number of embryos when their number is huge is a hard thing. Physicians might be astonished by such cases and call them “natural miracles. We as Muslims, however, consider it a divine miracle to realise the glory and might of the creator, the almighty; Allah says:

To God belongs the dominionOf the heavens and the earth.He creates what He wills

(And plans). He bestows(Children) male or femaleAccording to His Will (and Plan),

Or He bestows both malesAnd females, and He leavesBarren whom He will:

For He is fullOf knowledge and power.“Shura or the Constellation: 49- 50 (Ibid)

This also reminds us of the following verses:

“She said: "O my Lord!How shall I have a sonWhen no man hath touched me?"

He said: "Even so:God createthWhat He willeth:When He hath decreed

A Plan, He but saithTo it, 'Be,' and it is!”AL-i Imran or the Family of Imran: 47 (Ibid)

Allah says: “Why by Lord does create and chooseAs He pleases: no choice

Have they (in the matter):Glory to God! and farIs He above the partners

They ascribe (to Him)!“Qasas or the Narration: 68  (Ibid)

I’d like to add that resorting to artificial insemination and staying away from the instinct of Allah, the great always causes serious consequences. Let's contemplate the fact that scientists aren't able to control the operationsthat take place inside the womb despite the great medical advancement, so how could atheists claim that the blind nature and by mere coincidence could create a baby that can see and hear?


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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