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Circumcision as a protection from HIV/ Aids


The noble legislation of prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) is certainly proved its truth  when he ordered us to circumcise, as science confirms the discovery of some  new medical benefits of Circumcision ….

One hundred years ago, atheists used to believe that  principles of Islam are a sign of backwardness and are useless , so they refused Islam and were proud of their science abilities, but after some negative results and suffering due to their believes , they return back to principles of Islam , not as a religion but as an interest as their religion is the interest.

One of the denied things by those atheists is the Circumcision as a prophetic Sunnah, as prophet Mohamed (Peace be upon him) said that the Circumcision is from the right nature. Here, medicine reveals some new facts about the usefulness of circumcision especially concerning the killer disease which is the AIDS. 

A New Study

The new study says that Male circumcision decrease the opportunity of the infection by the disease of immunodeficiency (AIDS). Officially United Nations agrees to facilitate Male circumcision in African countries. As UNAIDS declared that Male circumcision is an important step in fighting with AIDS. YOB LANG as an AIDS expert in the medical center of Amsterdam agrees on that opinion.

He says: (there is a lack of prevention from AIDS, every year there are  new 4 million  infections , we know that condom has an efficiency , but it is not used and is not available  and  we have to apply all  available techniques  to reduce the infection by AIDS . Male circumcision reduces the danger of transferring the disease from women to men by 50 to 60 % this is a high percentage.)

In Africa there are 25 million person infected by AIDS from total of 40 million in the entire world. Infection spreads in Africa through sexual relations between man and woman, World health organization and the UNAIDS are expecting reduction of the infection by AIDS because of Male circumcision during the next 20 years by 6 million infection.   

There is no evidence that women are less exposed to the disease when they practice a sexual relation with a circumcised man, but there are continuous studies concerning that issue. There is a summarized study which illustrate that AIDS transition ratio from men to women will be deceased. But effect of that could be limited in comparison with the disease transition from women to men. We need to use women techniques which are unknown by men.  

But it would be so dangerous if circumcised men decided not to use condom especially in African countries where Rape is common. Edification is so important. If circumcised men will not use condom, reversed results may occur as Circumcision don't offer full protection. And infection by AIDS may increase. United Nations confirms on the linking between the success of Circumcision and dissemination of sexual knowledge to fight AIDS.

In general circumcised men represent 30 % of men in the world. And that is due to religious reasons for Jews, Muslims and in some cases for protective reasons. According to UN, countries should facilitate Circumcision, as cost of the Circumcise operation is from 50 to 100 $ for each male. UN suggests making it free of charge.  

Male circumcision is also useful for women

A new three studies confirmed that circumcision may protect men from AIDS and also protect women from a transferred virus through sexual relations which may cause cervical cancer. Published results in journal of Infectious Diseases in 16/12/2008 may increase the debate about the importance of men and new born male circumcision to protect their health and health of their wife in the future.

Dr Bertrand Auvert from Versailles University and his colleagues in South Africa had examined 1200 man  who visits a clinic in south Africa and they found that less than 15% of the circumcised men and 22% of the non circumcised men had infected by virus ( HPV) which cause cervical cancer and Genital diseases . Researchers had reported '' these results explains why women who are in sexual relations with  circumcised men have a low possibility to be infected by cervical cancer in comparison with other women."

A result of another research on some American men was less clear, but Carey Nelson from University of Oregon for science and health and his colleague said that they had found some new indications that circumcision may protect men. Circumcised men were 50% less possible to be exposed to virus (HPV) than non circumcised men. 

In the third study, lee Warner from the American centers for struggling and prevention of diseases and his colleagues had examined afro American people in Baltimore and they found that only  10 % of circumcised men are exposed to be infected by that virus in comparison with 22 % of non circumcised men . Statistics says that 33 million person all over the world are infected by AIDS which is a disease with no treatment. There are 20 million American who are infected by virus (HPV). This virus is the most common virus to be spread through sexual relations and cause cervical cancer which kills every year more than 300000 women.


A graph to illustrate number of infected people by AIDS all over the world (from 1995 to 2005), yellow color represent number of infections in Africa. We have to mention that Africa has the lowest percentage of circumcision, so number of infections in Africa is half the number of infections in the world. In 2005 number of infected people by AIDS was 40 million half of them were in Africa.


A figure to represent number of infected people by AIDS according to UN

Statistics, as total of infected people are 34.4 million. If we divide Africa into two sections: the first section is in the north of great Sahara (most of populations are Muslims) where number of infected people are 220,000 and the second section is in the south of great Sahara (most of populations are non- Muslims) where number of infected people are 24.5 million. What a big difference!!

This is due to the strict principles of Islam which prohibit adultery and order male to circumcise. But we have to mention that infection by AIDS had increased in Muslim countries because Muslims are now quite far from principles of their religion. They have to be back again…….

What is the legislative miracle?

When prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) had been sent to the people of the Arabian region ,some of them were polytheist who don't believe in god , some were Jews , some were Christians and others were Magus etc….. so if prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) are looking for money or power, he might leave every one to do what ever he or she like to do to get all parties in his side, but he choose the right nature so he ordered male to circumcise, avoid adultery and not to drink alcohol ……all of these are evidences that he is the messenger of god be he exalted.

Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) had ordered us with exactly what united nations is asking us to do. !! they are asking to circumcise male free of charge, because that would be more economical than infection by AIDS especially there are some  previous  studies which confirm that circumcision reduce transferring the Infectious and  dangerous sexual  diseases and also protect from cancer !! So any fair man should believe in Islam and in the greatness of the illiterate prophet.  

Our prophet (peace be upon him) said in the right Hadith (there are five things from nature …….. and he mentioned circumcision).

This legislation had came in a time when no one on earth knows about the medical interests of circumcision, this rule apply to all given instructions by the prophet as all permissible things should be good for us  and all prohibited thing should be bad for us. God says: (And whatsoever the Messenger (Muhammad) gives you, take it; and whatsoever he forbids you, abstain (from it). And fear Allah verily, Allah is Severe in punishment. ) {AL Hashr – verse 7} also god says: (Allah wishes to make clear (what is lawful and what is unlawful) to you, and to show you the ways of those before you, and accept your repentance and Allah is All-Knower, All-Wise. Allah wishes to accept your repentance, but those who follow their lusts, wish that you (believers) should deviate tremendously away (from the Right Path). Allah wishes to lighten (the burden) for you; and man was created weak (cannot be patient to leave sexual intercourse with woman).) {AN-Nisa'- verse 26-28}

It is from the prophetic Sunnah to circumcise male during the first days of birth (during the first seven days or multiples of the seven day). We have to notice that scientists, advice people to circumcise male during the first days of birth which comply with the prophetic Sunnah.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel






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