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Day of Resurrection won’t be in 2012


Astrologers are liars even they said the truth ……recently there are some news that the (NASA) hides some information about that issue. Let us figure it out…

There are many indications that day of resurrection is imminent, but only god be he exalted knows the exact time. On internet there are many predictions which tell that day of resurrection will be in 2012 and these predictions are the same as predictions of the year 2000, but year 2000 had gone and nothing happened. This means that only god who got knowledge of the unseen. God says :( They ask you about the Hour (Day of Resurrection): "When will be its appointed time?" Say: "The knowledge thereof is with my Lord (Alone). None can reveal its time but Him. Heavy is its burden through the heavens and the earth. It shall not come upon you except all of a sudden." They ask you as if you have a good knowledge of it. Say: "The knowledge thereof is with Allah (Alone), but most of mankind knows not.) (AL- Araf -187)

This noble verse confirm that only god who knows time of day of resurrection (None can reveal its time but Him) and this day comes all of a sudden without warning (It shall not come upon you except all of a sudden) even prophet Mohamed didn’t know its time. 

Exaggerated news

There is a scientific news but in fact it has no relation with science that:" new scientists, the specialized American magazine in science and technology released an academic report made by a group of scientists who confirmed that one day at the end of September 2012, a destructive solar storm will hit earth . As a result earth will be returned back to the middle century era. Scientists say that this storm may be caused by coming swarms of electrical charged Particles from the sun which will knock earth in regular basis.

Specialists say as a result of this storm , sky will be full of intensive fiery glow , glowing green waved columns will be spread, and some successive orange waves will appear in the horizon during the seen  polar aurora in the northern hemisphere."  

In fact this is not such precise news from the scientific point of view; it is only a personal opinion of one scientist without any scientific proof. That researcher didn’t tell us about source of these predictions and how this usual solar storm can destroy earth? And this universe was organized by god so, why would our physical rules be changed? And from where can these solar particles get the needed power to reach earth and penetrate atmosphere , knowing that sun was created 5 billion years ago and millions of solar storms had occurred inside it before?.........

Day of resurrection in 2012 …… weak theories!

We remember predictions of year 2000 when CNN website published prediction about  2012 , therefore , a new speculations about the end of the life cycle started to spread , some people started to believe that beginning of 2012  is a start for a new era, but others believe this year will definitely be the end of earth . This issue is circulated in many books and websites which put a countdown clock for the promised day in 21 of December of 2012.

This date refers to the end of life cycle at the Maya civilization. The length of this civilization is 5126 year. It is known that people of this civilization are interest with astronomy.

David Storat director of "Mesoamerica" center in Texas University says: there are many people who believe that end of universe is linked with Maya's beliefs, but it is not true because no wise man in civilization of Maya had mentioned that before.

On the other hand, if you enter number 2012 in any search engine on the internet , names of many websites will be retrieved with information about 2012 as the  day of resurrection with many instructions about how to survive ,what to wear , etc…………….

So according to some theories, earth will start to turn in the opposite direction with many solar storms which will cause  Volcanic eruptions and snow dissolving .but if you believe that this is  an American movie, you are right because Hollywood are working on a movie about that day. 


The Americans are trying to utilize these rumors to earn money! Director Roland Emerk and star John Cossack are working on a new film about 2012. The film starts with a monk entering a church to announce end of the world while Himalaya's snow starts to melt forming floods of water that kills people everywhere.

On the other hand , there are hundreds of books about 2012 , one of these books is 'Apocalypse 2012' by Lawrence Joseph who included a group of possibilities  which may occur , but he believed that end of the world  will not be in that day.

I have to mention that 21 of December / 2012 will agree solstice day in winter and also sun will be parallel to Milky Way galaxy.

What is the truth?

Official website of the American space agency (NASA) used to announce that  every 11 years there is a solar storm  which called "Sunspot Cycle" and in 2012 the storm will be stronger  30  -50 % more than the average but they believe that it is an ordinary matter……

The problem is that some people who believe in myths of MAYA had found a concurrence between their beliefs and the expected solar storm as a chance to circulate their ideas. …. the coming years will prove that they are liars and that for a very simple reason as their prediction is not based on any scientific basis except exaggerations and falsehoods.

Prediction of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR)

Scientists of the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research had succeeded to predict with the next solar storm  in 2012 which occur every 11 years and they  believe that this storm may affect and damage satellites and electricity networks  because some of the coming  particles with that storm may penetrate the atmosphere and affect communication systems , all of these are only predictions.


Scientists believe that next solar storm in 2012 will be stronger 50%more than the previous one. Height of the red lines reflects the intensity of the solar storm. This graph illustrate that in 1958 the storm was stronger than any other storm even the next one in 2012. Reference: (UCAR)


As a believers, we should not believe any of these rumors, we believe that day of resurrection is eminent as prophet Mohamed peace be up on him said: (my god sent me as a prophet and also day of resurrection as  those two fingers ( he referred by two of his fingers…. As a sign that day of resurrection is so near). God be he exalted says :( People ask you concerning the Hour (day of resurrection), say: "The knowledge of it is with Allah only. What do you know? It may be that the Hour (day of resurrection) is near) (AL- Ahzab -63). Nowadays, we see some minor signs for day of resurrection such as environmental disasters, high temperature, air pollution and snow melting. On the other hand major signs will appear just before day of resurrection such as emergence of the Antichrist, descent of Christ, etc…….

There is no doubt that day of resurrection is coming so we have to do a lot of good work especially to serve God's book (Qur'an) and to distribute useful science . We have a great religion so our job is to inform the whole world with the greatness and tolerance of Islam.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel









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