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Walking in the markets

Did Prophet Muhammad walk in the markets? Is there any advantage in it and why did the Unbelievers criticize him?…

A recent study confirms that walking in market to do shopping has healthy advantages. The study( was conducted on a number of people and the results were that those who rarely go shopping are less healthy physically and psychologically because it walking, mingling and dealing with people makes you in a much better psychological state.

Praise be to Allah, Prophet Muhammad used to walk in the  markets despite the criticisms of the unbelievers because they used to believe that doing that is for the poor only! As to kings, noble and rich men didn't do that because of their arrogance and pride. So prophet Muhammad wanted to prove to all people that he is a man indeed and whatever he does, science proves to be of great advantages.


Allah says: "find they say: "What sort Of an apostle is this, Who eats food, and walks Through the streets? Why Has not an angel Been sent down to him To give admonition with him?(Al-furqan:7). So prophet Muhammad wanted to prove to us that walking in the markets and streets is perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with it, rather, it has an advantage that proves that it has a good effect on psychological state. All we can say is Praise be to Allah. 


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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