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Islam forbids "unveiling"


Is there any harm if women bared parts of their body? What modern Medicine is to say about this? And How the prophet Muhammad  (Peace be upon Him) solved this problem?  Let’s read this article.

Islam has forbidden anything which can harm believers? Not only has this, but the Almighty God had forbidden anything which could lead to this harm. He, therefore, forbidden adultery and all things that can lead to it; man looking to women who are non-mahrams* and repeating these forbidden looks may lead to thinking about adultery.

 And speaking to women might be a way to adultery, especially when these women are unveiled, and when the talk is of the kind that is stimulating desires, feelings and emotions.  

There is another matter that leads to adultery and incites to it; the unveiling of women and the exhibition of the seductive pars of their bodies that stimulates the desire of men. Thus, the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) forbade that and even considered unveiled women (women exposing their beauty) will not smell the scent of paradise! The Prophet (peace be upon him) said about signs of the Day of Resurrection :( … and women who are dressed and undressed (even if they are dressed they look nude because they expose the seductive parts of their body) slanted and slanting, there heads are like humps of camels, they neither enter paradise nor find its smell…) [Narrated by Muslim].

This Hadith Sharif represents a modern scientific miracle as well. The latest research on skin cancer has disclosed that women who bared parts of their bodies are exposed to infection by cancer significantly. Number of newspapers published medical research on this matter. According to the British Medical Journal that malignant cancer which was infrequent is today increasing constantly, and frequent cases of this malignant disease are unveiled women who reveal most parts of their bodies.

Moreover, the medical research on this disease stated that it begins as a small black spot on the skin and then develops and grows and spreads in every direction and attack lymphs at the top of the thigh and then jumps and settles in the liver or settles in various organs and body systems.

This disease is transmitted to the foetus in his mother's womb. One of The dangers of this disease is that it does not respond to radiotherapy like other types of cancers, and can not be cured with surgery. Therefore, the guidance of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) came to forbid unveiling and baring the body before thousand and four hundred years, is not this one the clear miracles of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)?

*non-mahrams: mahrams are all women with whom man can not marry and vice versa, because it is forbidden e.g.: his mother, his sister… etc.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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