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Breast Feeding


Scientists have found many advantages of breast feeding, for mother and her child. But, what about the Holy Quranic legislation?….

Recently, scientists found out that the complete feeding for the infant is his mother's milk and that feeding won't be complete unless mother feeds her infant for two whole years. That is what World Health Organization reported in twenty first century, what did the book of Allah (the Glory Koran) said fourteen centuries ago? Let's read...

Doctors thought natural suckling gives the infant only a psychological connect with his mother and there are not any farther benefits, but after performing researche for a half of a century, other great benefits for this suckling started to emerge, even everyday the scientists discover new benefits of the mother's milk. The immune bodies called immunoglobulin were discovered at the mother's milk at first. They are immune bodies against various bacteria and viruses, even the scientists found that the amounts of bacteria in infant's intestines, who is fed on cows milk, are tenfold more than those exist in infant's intestines, who is fed on mother' milk.

Benefits of natural suckling

Natural suckling is absolutely the best feeding for the infant. All other feedings are entirely different from mother's milk that protects the infant from many diseases (these words are from American Academic for pediatrics).

Mother's milk always contains natural rate of protein, carbohydrates and fats. These rates are difficult to be controlled in cows' milk or others; also mother's milk always comes out in right and suitable temperature for the infant.

Benefits for the child

The immune bodies" immunoglobulin"help the infant during the first three months to protect his body from continuous germs attack that he exposes, even help him to form and strengthen his own immunity system moreover some studies refer that immunity system of the infant grows faster when he is fed on mother's milk. Also mother's milk contains immune elements called "mucins" and that contain a lot of proteins and carbohydrates. These substances adhere to bacteria and viruses and entirely eliminate them from the body without any side effects on contrary to the chemical drugs.

For instance, protein exists in cows' milk equals double that exists in mother's milk, so the baby can't absorb that quantity of cow protein, thus he stores it in his body and that leads to fatness diseases in future. While we find the baby absorbs the protein exists in mother's milk with a rate of 100%. Besides the researches declare that the duration needed to digest the protein of mother's milk is fifteen minutes but the same process with cows' milk takes more than sixty minutes. Hence there is a save in time and effort .

All doctors emphasize that mother's milk is entirely free of bacteria and it is better for the infant than any other non-human milk, doctors noticed children who are fed on non-human milk , are mostly liable to various infections even if these bottles are sterilized.

Mother's milk helps the infant to develop his digestion system normally but cow's milk is considered an intestine irritation.

Mother's milk gives the infant psychological stability, helps to sleep and be calm, it works as the best natural analgesic for the infant.

Mother's milk protects the infant from allergy and stops its development.

Of the dangers of nutrition on cow's milk, for instance, it increases the probability of cancer attack eightfold.

Breast Feeding

  • Protects the infant from many respiratory diseases notably asthma.
  • Natural suckling protects the infant from ear diseases and its continuous otitis.
  • Natural suckling protects the infant from the disease of sudden death.
  • Natural suckling protects the infant from meningitis .
  • Natural suckling protects the infant from cancer diseases during the first six months.
  • Natural suckling protects the infant from bone decay, eczema, and stomach ulceration.

Benefits for mother

Many studies made in thirty countries, showed the mother who feeds her infant with her breasts milk, is less subjected to breast cancer.

The womb widens twenty times during pregnancy and delivery, the studies showed the natural suckling helps the womb to back to its normal size, on the contrary of the mother who doesn't suck her infant, her womb size stays more than the normal limits, besides suckling protects mother from womb cancer.

Natural suckling helps mother to reduce her weight and protects her from fatness. Even it works as a natural pain analgesic for mother too, Natural suckling helps both mother and the child to sleep soundly.

Benefits for society

Natural suckling is not costly on the contrary to artificial suckling. We may be astonished when we know that the American Academy for Pediatric emphasizes if the United States of America followed the natural suckling method, it will save 3600 million dollars yearly.

Natural suckling reflects positively on the environment too, due to saving pollution resulted from the process of manufacturing milk bottles and drying cows' milk, and rubbish resulted from using that milk and bottles.

There are a lot of benefits for natural suckling that many don't know, the infant, who is fed on his mothers breasts, his skin is smoother than the other who is fed on the cow's milk, and his eye sight is better too, while the infant, who is fed on cow's milk, his urine and excrement have hateful smell more than the infant, who is fed on his mothers breasts.

Consequently, the cow's milk is the best food for "cow's infants" and human milk is the best food for" human infants". As so Allah created for its kind its own food and said:" He has created everything and has measured it exactly to its   due measurements"(Al Furqan 2).

All those blessings are given by Allah to you man while you are a little baby, and don't know anything about life. Do you remember the blessings of Allah upon you, and here we recognize the meaning of His holy Koran "If you count the blessings of Allah, never will you be able to count them. Verily man is indeed an extreme wrong-doer, a disbeliever (an extreme ingrate who denies Allah's blessings by disbelief and worshipping others besides Allah, and by disobeying Allah and His Prophet Muhammad". Actually whatever we count blessings of Allah, we won't be able to count them.

What is the ideal period for suckling?

World Health Organization and UNISIF Organization performed many researches on infants, and got a result from these researches that the ideal period is two years, because, during the first two years, the infant needs urgently sterilized milk like mother's milk as his immunity system can't confront any probable disease before two years of his age.

Scientists discovered mother's milk contains immune substances counteraction to germs, knowing an embryo in the womb takes these immune substances during pregnancy, then when he comes out, he is surrounded with many infectious factors so he needs additional immunity where he can't find but in mother's milk. Glory to Allah who facilitated that natural source of protection.

Health World Organization held a conference titled "Complementary feeding"  in 2001 and the conclusion comes:

The first two years of the infant’s life is a critical window during which the foundations for healthy growth and development are built. Infant and young child feeding is a core dimension of care in this period.

Also, in the conclusion of the conference, the ideal period for suckling is two years, because the infant needs urgently the immune bodies to develop his immunity system during this period, he can't find these bodies but in mothers milk.

Doctors emphasize all kinds of foods can't be enough by themselves during the first two years of the infant's age as the infant is subjected to many factors resulted to affliction of many diseases, and when he is two, the same factors become unaffected as before, so the first two years is a critical and sensitive period for the infant during which we should depend on mother's milk to avoid these dangers.

Nowadays scientists say: after an infant reaches two years of age, it is very difficult to reverse stunting factor that is possible to occur before that period. Also the modern researches show natural suckling for twenty four months protects mother from the danger of ovary cancer on third percentage.

The most important and serious period of infant's age is the first two years during which the infant is subjected to many factors, diseases and diarrhea. Mother's milk that contains immune elements can protect the infant from all these diseases. Yet, scientists still don't know a lot about mother's milk structures but they touch the fabulous results for children who are fed on mother's milk. Consequently there is an emphasis of the doctors concerning the importance of mother's suckling to her infant for two whole years. What does the Glory Koran say concerning this matter?

Suckling in the Glory Koran

Consider with me, my brother reader, the saying of Allah, be blessed and exalted, (the mothers shall give suck to their children for two whole years(that is)for those(parents) who desire to complete the term of suckling){ Albaqara:233}

It is a divine proclamation, filled with mercy, asks every mother to suck her infants. And to mercy them, it confines for them the ideal period for suckling as two whole years.

This sacred divine proclamation includes many miracles. In His Highness saying : (the mothers shall give suck to their children): This divine order to every mother to suck her infants from her own milk and not to turn to another food, nowadays we hear this call a lot in USA, from World Health Organization and UNISAF Organization due to the great benefits that scientists discovered in mother's milk. Can't we conclude the divine proclamation preceded the human proclamation for fourteen century!

In His Highness saying: (for two whole years) is an accurate definition for the needed duration to the normal suckling to the infant by two whole years. Today we find the doctors emphasize the ideal duration for suckling is two years. Consider with me the word "whole" from which we touch the emphasis from Allah the Almighty for the necessity to complete the two years without slackness in this duration. If we consider the doctors' sayings in the 21st century, we find them pressingly emphasize the necessity to suckling the infant from his mother's breasts for two whole years (twenty four months).

In His Highness saying: (that is) for those (parents) who desire to complete the term of suckling: a wonderful sign that suckling isn't complete till passing two years of the infant's age. We noticed how the scientists discovered these "two years" are the most important in the child's age as it is a critical period during which the immunity system is performed and many diseases attack the infant during these two years. So they emphasize the importance of mother's suckling to her infant for a whole year and it is better to complete this suckling to two years.

Glorified and Exalted Allah! Who saved us the sufferings of researches, studies, experiments and tests, and gave us directly the suitable period. Consider with me His Highness saying (for two whole years) emphasizes the necessity to complete two years, and that the American scientists emphasize nowadays.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel




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