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Illumination and Light


Scientists have discovered that there are burning reactions that happens in the sun which produces light and heat where the temperature of the surface of the sun reaches around six thousand degrees Celsius. Therefore the sun is the source of illumination and the moon is the source of light, the sun produces light that's why we couldn't look directly at it because of the strong light coming out, therefore it is a shining and luminous body and that's why the Quran called it: (shining).


As for the moon, it is like a mirror that reflects the sun rays that fall on it then a part of it returns back to the earth and we see it lighted. It means that the moon reflects the light of the sun so we see it a lighted moon. We can look at the moon and enjoy its light; therefore it is a lighted body and the Quran called it: (light). The Quran told us about this fact, as God be he exalted says: (It is He Who made the sun a shining thing and the moon as a light) [Surat Yunus, verse: 5].


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel


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