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Plants are very smart creatures!!


One of the new discoveries in plants world reveals the ability in plants to defend themselves against insects or danger… let us read ….

Some atheists doubt Allah’s almighty saying: “And there is not a thing but glorifies His praise. But you understand not their glorification” [Al-Isra: 44]. How can a creature, such as plant, speaks and glorifies Allah’s almighty praise? That’s why Allah (SWT) directed western scientists to study plants for long time, and the results were astonishing!

1- Plants produce acoustics sounds: this is a new result the scientists have discovered. They proved that the DNA inside each cell vibrates and produces sounds that we don’t understand, but it can be measured and recorded via accurate devices. This sound could represent glorification to Allah almighty… we hear, but we don’t understand or comprehend: “But you understand not their glorification”.

2- Plants have “brain” and “nervous system” that are used to protect them! When germen scientists observed plants, they have found that tobacco plant releases toxic nicotine when insects start eating its leaves and force them to and escape!

Scientists have recently discovered that plants release toxic products or vicious smells to remove danger away when insects come to eat their leaves. Scientists are confused about the source of information the plants obtain, and their ability to produce toxic products. They are, with no doubt, smart creatures not object as we used to think!


3- In other plants, scientists performed experiments by allowing insects to have access to eat plants leaves. The results were astonishing and unpredictable! These plants produced an aroma product which attracted bigger insects! Why the plant does produce the scent product while in defending situation? 

The amazing thing is that, through this smell, bigger insects recognize the presence of smaller insects, so they come and eat them and protect the plants from them… we don’t have to say except: glory to Allah!  


Plant produces an aroma product that attracts bigger insects such as ants. Ants recognize through this smell that there is a good meal on the surface of this leaf. Ant, then, quickly approaches the small insect, attacks it, and eats it. Hence, it protects the plants from the small insect... look at this amazing method to protect the self! Shouldn’t we glory the almighty creator?

 The question continues: who did teach the plants and guided them to defend themselves? Who did supply them with these methods and abilities? They know what to do, how to defend themselves, and they know what type of products they should produce that is appropriate with the danger they face…. All these accurate techniques, how did the plants learn them, and who created these capabilities? With no doubt, Allah (SWT) who said: “He Who gave to each thing its form and nature, then guided it aright” [Ta-Ha: 50].

 Now, after knowing these great capabilities and the intelligence the plants have, do we still wonder why plants glory praising their God and thanking Him for his supplies regarding the methods to defend themselves? He Who Supplied them with reasons for sustenance.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



Max Planck Institute - Germany.

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