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Cockroaches look like human


God be He exalted says: (but are communities like you) (Sûrat Al-An’âm-verse38), recently the scientists confirmed the sincerity of that verse by a scientific research which express the magnificence of the divine statement

In a great verse Allah almighty tells us about a scientific fact , world of insects is unknown for us, at the time of the descending of Qur'an people were believing that insects are stupid creatures and they don't looks like human , but lately the scientists had proved the opposite as a confirmation of God' saying: (There is not a moving (living) creature on earth, nor a bird that flies with its two wings, but are communities like you. We have neglected nothing in the Book, and then unto their Lord they (all) shall be gathered.) (Sûrat Al-An’âm-verse38).

This verse confirms that all living organisms (birds, insects and cattle) are like human.

The new scientific research confirms that most of insects are like human in their communities, life and illness!! For example cockroaches are like human as it became weak when ageing. American researchers had illustrated that when cockroaches reach old age their movement slows down, experiences stiff joints, and will have problems when climbing. Death comes shortly after the onset of these movement problems. So that cockroach's life wanes between 60-65 weeks after the onset of adulthood.   

The research came from Ritzmann's cockroach laboratory that studies insect movement to help engineer a new generation of robots that can not only move but sense information as they travel rugged terrains or locations unsafe for humans.

Angela Ridgel , a post doctoral fellow at Case Western Reserve University was the lead author on the National Institute of Health-funded study said that old Cockroaches may stumble while walking so that its movement may became slower than its counterpart.

She wrote the paper with Roy Ritzmann, professor of biology, and Paul Schaefer, a former Case graduate student who studied escape behavior in Periplaneta Americana and contributed information about the roach's central nervous system and escape behavior.

"Insects provide a useful model for aging studies because they're short-lived compared with mammals," reports Ridgel.


Cockroaches are creatures like human in their life, way of talking and illness, also most of insects are like human such as world of bees and world of ants.

Glory to Allah , scientists tell us the same as what our God be He exalted said in Qur'an , God be He blessed and exalted says: (And We have sent down to you the Book (the Qur’an) as an exposition of everything, a guidance, a mercy, and glad tidings for those who have submitted themselves (to Allah as Muslims).)(Sûrat an-Nahl- verse 89).


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel



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