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And spread them along the sky as He wills

It is a wonderful photo for these beautiful clouds in the sky, these clouds are formed in a magnificent scene as a clear indicator that the one who forms it is Allah Almighty the creator of everything…….


Scientists say that winds have a vital role in forming clouds in thousands of magnificent forms and shapes; they believe that these clouds are formed as if a clever artist draws it. Allah Almighty tells us about His power in forming these clouds by saying: (Allah is He Who sends the winds, so they raise clouds, and spread them along the sky as He wills, and then break them into fragments, until you see rain drops come forth from their midst! Then when He has made them fall on whom of His slaves as He will, lo! They rejoice!)

{ Sûrat Ar-Rûm -The Romans -verse 48}

Isn’t clear evidence that Allah Almighty is the one who descended Qur’an?



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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