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Kids and play

Recent studies confirm that when kids play it’s important for their mental and physical abilities, our holy book of Qur'an mentioned kids and play …


A scientific study confirmed that playing forkids is very important for their physical and mental health. Amika Singh, a senior researcher at VU University in the Netherlands, reported that physical activity is associated with better academic performance, as measured by higher GPAs and better scores on standardized tests. studies showed that the more physical activity the children had, the higher their scores in school, particularly in the basic subjects of math, English and reading. Allah Almighty mentioned kids and playing in the Qur'an  in the famous historical story of prophet Jacob when his sons asked him to take their brother Joseph to play with them as He Almighty says: "Send him with us tomorrow to enjoy himself and play, and verily, we will take care of him."

(SûratYûsuf–verse12). Glory to Allah Almighty !!


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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