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Innovative Way to Memorize the Quran (3)


We receive several queries about memorizing the Holy Quran and the difficulties that many suffer from when they start memorizing the Book of Allah. Thus, we find them quitting memorizing after a while….

questions, and assure that the perfect way for memorizing is to rely on Allah with a truthful heart and good faith and Allah will choose the suitable way for you.

Is this way considered the perfect?

For every man, there is a way that he is used to. I have asked one of those who had memorized the Quran about how he did that and he promptly told me if he does not have someone reading in front of him, he cannot memorize anything.  There is someone else who memorizes by picturing the verses in his memory by opening the Quran and staring at for a long time. There is also a third person who is used to memorize the Quran by repeating. He repeats the verse hundred times until he memorizes it… and so each has a way he used to, but what is the perfect way?

You must not think there is only one way or your way is the best because you are used to. You need to try the other ways and benefit from them. I am introducing through these lessons to my brother readers audio- memorizing way through listening to recorded recited Quran. This way has advantages that we have mentioned some of them. The important one is that it does not require a teacher, a place or time, but an open way.

At the beginning, some readers may not be familiar to this way; nonetheless, after some time they will feel great pleasure and sweetness. In fact, they will interact with listening to the Quran until they find themselves weeping from Allah-fearing whenever they listened to the Quran. 

Does memorizing the Quran way need a teacher or a sheikh?

I can tell you beloved brother about my experience in memorizing which was without a teacher.  I was depending on listening to the Quran only and that made the memorizing process easy. By doing so, I was not bound by a definite date or place for memorizing, but all times and places were open. This helped me to utilize every minute of my time.

However, there is a belief among many or all scholars emphasizing the necessity of the presence of a teacher for memorizing, and you cannot memorize anything without a teacher. Besides, you cannot master the rules of recital if there is not someone to listen to you and correct them for you.

I say this is half correct. It is correct that a believer is in need of a good example and someone to correct his mistakes. It is not correct that I make all my dependence on the teacher. If it is easy to find a teacher who keeps by heart the Book of Allah Almighty that will be a good thing, but if the circumstances of the one who wants to memorize the Quran are not suitable to follow Quran classes, should he quit the Quran and forget?

Thus, you can depend on yourself and Allah first in memorizing and trying imitating what you listen to on cassettes and even trying to record your voice while reciting the Quran. Then, you listen to it and try find out your mistakes by yourself.

Then, whenever you avail a suitable chance to meet a memorizing teacher, you may show him what you have memorized and ask him to correct your recital mistakes.  However, language mistakes must not happen, because when you listen to a reciter from a cassette, you are listening to a correct reciting. You should listen very carefully and pick every sound vibration and try to echo it.  Here forth, we realize the meaning of Almighty saying, "When the Qur'an is read, listen to it with attention, and hold your peace: that ye may receive Mercy." [ Al-A'raf: The Heights: 204]   You must check and think of every letter the reader pronounce. It is preferable to utilize all your feelings and interact with the Quran and its concepts. 

How can Neuro Linguistic Programming help in memorizing the Quran?

We may make use of the sciences of this age and utilize what has western scholars have discovered to serve the Book of Allah Almighty.  They use concentration and self control to succeed in collecting money and fame, and we use the concentration power in understanding, memorizing the Quran, success in pleasing Allah almighty and collecting good deeds!

Neuro Linguistic Programming experts confirm the importance of insistence on achieving the goal which should be part of your life and give all your time to get it. You beloved brother, you can make the Quran your goal in this World and the Hereafter.

Imagine yourself that you have memorized the Quran; you will live your life with the Book of Allah Almighty.  It is the healing, medicine, reassurance and power. Imagine that you will meet with Allah Almighty and you keep His Words, isn't it that a great thing…. And thus you can program your brain and life for memorizing the Book of Allah Almighty.

What are the books that are useful in memorizing the Quran?

The books that are available now are ways and experiences suggested by its owners for easing memorization.  However, there is no book that makes you memorize, but it is your will and sincerity which are more important than any book.


  1. Try to memorize every day even if it is little of the Quran but do not desert the Quran
  2. Read what you have memorized in prayer, and repeat that and you will find joy when your prayer is longer
  3. Try to think of the memorized verses meanings before you go to bed, and when you get up, because the subconscious at these two times is connected to the brain. Your dreams while sleeping will transform into beautiful dreams and you will see yourself reciting the Quran, is there anything more wonderful than that?!
  4. Believe strongly that you can memorize the Quran, and you will keep it by heart if Allah permits.

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By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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