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Secrets of death (1)

Within each cell of our body highly accurate dynamic clock, and this clock he God …

Secrets of death 1


Within each cell of our body highly accurate dynamic clock, and this clock he God brought (exploited) to control all biological processes ranging from the birth to death, and scientists say that the program is located in each cell, which was working accurately without being irregular for even a minute , this clock have been programmed to ring a certain number of the Chimes (beats), does not increase or decrease, and when it knocks for the last time, death is followed and not later than ever. We may wonder the accuracy of the statement when the God described the moment of death and said: (If their moment came up they were not late an hour or come earlier) [Nahl: 61].


Secrets of death 2

After a long and painstaking research, scientists discovered that the program of cell death was created with the cell itself, unless the presence of this program life on Earth did not continue, Scientists confirm that death, is a creature the same as life, and unless its presence (of death), there was no life and it seems that death is the origin. Strangely, we find a clear indication about this in the verse: (he Who has created death and life to test all of you who is the best working and he is the Almighty and the ever Forgiving) [Al Molk: 2] so death is a creature ... This is confirmed by scientists and this is what Quran says: The question is: Where did the Holy Prophet get this science if he was not a messenger from God??!


Secrets of death 3

Most scientists confirm that ageing is the best way to end the natural human being, but any attempt to prolong the life above certain limits, there will be it will be many influences, the least of them is catching cancer, scientists say: "Any attempt to achieve immortality is opposing nature." Scientists have concluded  that in spite of spending billions to treat ageing and prolong the life but that the experiments were gone without any benefit. This was pointed out by the greatest Prophet peace be upon him who said: ( "Treat yourselves slaves of God, God did not craete a disease without a cure except only one: ageing) [Narrated by Ahmad]. Thus science comes out with new facts that were not known before proving with evidence the sincerity of the Prophet and confirms the truthfulness of the message of Islam.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel
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