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Secrets of death (2)

Cardiologists confirm that the phenomenon of sudden death has spread considerably in the past years ……

Secrets of Death 4

Cardiologists confirm that the phenomenon of sudden death has spread considerably in the past years, and that although the development of medical science, but that the numbers of those who die suddenly increased, and using accurate statistics of the United Nations, which emphasizes that the phenomenon of sudden death, did not appear until recently and is continued to increase in spite of all preventive measures.

There is a wondering talk that reflects an indisputable amazing medical miracle, " the Prophet peace be upon him says: (One of the signs of the day after, is the appearance of sudden death (prevails)) [Tabaraani]. Is this not enough for this miracle to witness for the Prophet peace be upon him that he is a Messenger of God?? Should we repent to God to prevent us this death?!


Secrets of death 5

Scientists confirm that death was created into the zygote, and develops within the cells since the human being at his mother's womb, scientists say: Elements were created within each cell such as safety valves controling the life of the cell, after each division, the size of these elements varies (change), the shorter the length so death is approaching, upon certain size the cell stops reproducing and die, this is what, saying the Koran says: (We have destined death among all of you and we are not preceeded) [El Wakea: 60], namely that God blessed and exalted, put a programmed system for the process of death, so the scientists stamped a new scientific term they called the cell death (programmed cell death) and therefore God blessed and exalted says: (we destined death among all of you) [El Wakea: 60], in conformity with scientific facts, and this witness to the miracles the Holy Quran.


Secrets of Death 6

Actions happens in all body cells called by scientists  relapsed actions: These relapsed actions occurs after a certain period of the life of a cell. The cell grow, get bigger and begins to carry out  its activities, but after a certain age, it starts doing relapsed actions within cells, so scientists say that this process can never be stopped, and the stopping of this process means death, because death is programmed, for example, this cell will die after (ten days), No matter how we tried to stop these relapsed actions the cell will die, and it is here to tell the truth blessed and exalted: (Whoever get aged we God  upset him (bend his head) in creation do you not understand?) [Yassin: 68]. Get focus with me the word: upset him (bend his head) that accurately reflect the actions of relapsed actions in brain cells, liver, heart, and in all human cells there are relapsed actions always ends in death, Glory to God!


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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