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Secrets of death (3)

God put a program in every cell of the body's cells, and this program is responsible for the evolution ……

Secrets of death 7

God put a program in every cell of the body's cells, and this program is responsible for the evolution of cell division and their interactions with the rest of the cells, and when scientists try to extend the life of the cell it turned into a cancer cell and exploded ... The scientists realized that death is the natural end of the creatures, and this was confirmed by the Koran. The God the Almighty says: (wherever you are death catches you) [women: 78].

Look, you who are away from remembrance of Allah! These signals, these hidden messages to you, you must comprehend and you should come back to your Creator the blessed and exalted, and you should go back to this great Creator, you should go back to the light of the Quran, these verses is a warning for all of us to XX on this phenomenon, which told us by the wonderful words of the Koran ( God Who has created death and life to test every one of you who has best deed) [El-Molk: 2].


Secrets of Death 8

Of the mercy of God he created death and make it the natural end of all things, Allah the almighty says: (Everything except the God (face) is  dead) [Stories: 88], but what modern science says? Today, biologists announced that death is not of less importance than life. After carrying out many experiments and research scientists revealed recently that within each cell of the human a biological clock which is specific to this cell, Look a human creature works with a hundred trillion clocks! Who organizes the work of these clocks and who protect it from any defect may happen, who oversees the maintenance of which, who  provide them with the energy needed for its work ... Can anyone claim that from the creatures? It is the almighty God that says: (He is the Omnipotent over His slaves, and sends you keepers even and if anyone death comes to him, our messengers make him die and they do not overindulge) [cattle: 61].


Secrets of death 9

United Nations statistics tell us that every year there are more than 700000 people commit suicide in the world, there are hundreds of thousands die in fire accidents, traffic accidents, murders, ... There are a limited number dying from heart disease, in the United States die up to 700000 and a half this number dies suddenly, there are a certain number are dying of skin cancer, and a specific number dying from breast cancer and a specific number are dying of lung cancer .. It looks like that there is specific system for death, and if we look at these statistics, year after year, we note that there is a close ratios, when we monitor statistics for ten years, for example we note that these ratios close and growing as time progressed. This is an evidence that death is destined at specific rates, and surprisingly it is the Koran pointed to this fact, saying the Almighty God: (We have destined death among all of you and no one preceeds us) [El-Wakea: 60], Glory to God!


Secrets of death 10

The scientists found that human and plant and animal cells have material within the genome DNA assigned  to death of this cell. When scientists try to prolong the life of some animal cells, such as flies, after a period these cells turn into cancereous cells, this cell will either die or turn into cancereous cells, so the problem gets bigger and ends with death too.

This is what happened with humans too, as they tried to prolong the life of a group of human cells, these cells turned into a deadly cancer cells, so scientists have finally decided that death is not of less importance than life, and that it could never be stopped, and the God  the Almighty said: ( Every soul will going to die(shall taste of death) [Al-Imran: 185]. This Koranic fact is in compliance with science and attest to the sincerity of the God  words blessed and exalted.



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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