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Rajaa Habeeb Abdullah Al Lawatiah

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Nationality: Omani

Current job: Translator at the Applied Science Department-Directorate of Curriculum Development-Ministry of Education –Oman.

Scientific qualifications

1) B.A -American University in Cairo-Middle East Studies-1986

2) Postgraduates Diploma of Education -Institute of Education for Postgraduates-English Languag-1992-Muscat-Oman

3) Master in translation_ Sultan Qaboos University- part time - still in progress

Work experience

In the field of education:

  • 20 years experience as a teacher of English Language 1986-2006;
  • 8 years in preparatory school-1986-1994;
  • 12 years in secondary school 1994-2006
  • 8years  experience as a senior teacher and head of English department at school-1998-2006.

In the field of translation: English/Arabic/English

*more than 10 years of practice ; I translated: articles documents, researches and studies for ministries and departments.

My  current job:

  • as a translator at the Applied Science Department: (2006-till now) my duties are:  I work
  • translating scientific information, units from books for science department sections (biology-physics-chemistry-math –IT)
  • translating knowledge and skill outcomes of text books
  • translating the work of the science experts` on the above mentioned subjects
  • checking any work of translation done at the department to give approval.

Seminars and conferences I attended

  • Translation Conferences-held by the English Literature Department at the Sultan Qaboos University ( 2006-2007)
  • Annual Symposium on Translation- English literature& translation group-Sultan Qaboos  auniversity (2008)
  • Regional  Symposium  on Translation and Publishing in the Gulf Region -held by Ministry Of  Education  in cooperation with UNESCO (29-31/11/2008)
  • I am a member in the Omani translation group (non government)

In the field of Online volunteering:

  • In 2005, I joined the United Nations Online volunteering  program  which is a communication channel between organizations seeking for ONV`s and volunteers  who wants to help organizations with their skills and knowledge.
  • I was awarded by the UN as one of the top ten online volunteers of the world for the year 2006.
  • 4 years experience as a translator and language supervisor for HASCO organization (Help Afghan School Children) which help to build schools and provide school supplies for Afghan children, my work as an online volunteer is:
  • Translating articles, documents, letters and any written work in English , then it is placed in the Arabic section of the web site:
  • I also give my advice and comments on the content and other issues related to the Arabic site.



Address: P.O. Box 100.P.C121 AlSeeb. Oman

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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