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Unseen Miracles 3

The prophet peace be upon him says: (day of resurrection will not come till money increases between you …


The unseen miracles 15

The prophet peace be upon him said :( some people will permit alcohol and will name it by different names) {narrated by Ahmed} today, there are different names for alcohol such as beer, vodka, whisky, all of these names weren’t known at the time of the prophet, who told him this information?

The unseen miracles 16

 The prophet peace be upon him said: (day of resurrection will not come tillyou see some great things that you didn’t see before or even talked yourselves about it.)[narrated by Ahmed], look at all of these new inventions such as internet, mobiles, TV, weapons , some diseases like AIDS and swine flu,…..all of these are clear evidences that Mohamedis a prophet from Allah Almighty.

The unseen miracles 17

 The prophet peace be upon him said to his companions: (at the end of the time you will find humiliation,defamation and metamorphosis, they asked when and the prophet replied when you see a lot of musicinstrumentsand songstresses) [narrated by IbnMaga].

Today, you can see the Widespreadof music all over the world and also those tens of thousands of women dancers and singers. Also, there are thousands of satellite channels that presentdancing and singing day and night. This phenomenon wasn’t known at the time of the prophet, and no one ever predicted that this phenomenon may occur one day. 

The unseen miracles 18


Before Islam people used to believe that Sirius star is a god who can benefit and harm people, but the Qur’an corrected this wrong beliefand confirmed that Sirius is a star which was created by Allah Almighty who says: (And that He (Allah) is the Lord of Sirius (the star which the pagan Arabs used to worship)){Sûrat An-Najm -The Star -verse49},isn’t a clear evidence that Islam is a divine religion as it let people get rid of the habit of worshiping  some creatures that cause no harm or benefit.

The unseen miracles 19

 Allah Almighty says: (And they will find all that they did, placed before them){Sûrat Al-Kahf -The Cave-verse49},this verse confirms that man will find what he or she did in front of him or her ,the question is how can we imagine that man may find all of previous events between his or her hands? The Theory of relativity say that if we became able to move in a speed equals to the light speed ,time will stop at that point and if we exceeds that speed we might be able to see the past events.

Glory to Allah Almighty

The unseen miracles 20

 The scientists say that the universe is expanding till vacuums and gaps occurs which will cause the universe to collapse. Allah Almighty told us about this cosmicphenomenon as He Almighty says:(When the heaven is cleft asunder){Sûrat Al-Infitâr-verse1},glory to Allah Almighty.



By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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