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Wonders of the Miracles of the Unseen World in the Hadith of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, the Prophet of Mercy

Let’s contemplate the following Hadiths that tell us about our current world; they prove that Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, is the messenger of Allah…

At a time when myths, legends, ignorance, and worshiping idle gods prevailed, at a time when people used to fight for years over a female camel!!! at a time when baby girls were buried alive not for any other reason except for being a female!! and at a time when man would buy a god that’s made of dates and when he feels hungry, hewould eat it; at that time prophet Mohammad, the prophet of mercy, PBUH, was sent to spread the message of Islam and with him came light, guidance, and righteousness; he came to change the world until the Day of Judgment. Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, however, wasn’t a normal person because he was sent from and inspired by Allah, the exalted, the creator of this universe and everything elsewho knows best. Allah intended for the message of Islam to spread all over the world. Accordingly, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, requireddivine miracles to prove that he is the messenger of Allah and Allah could have never sent him without providing him with such miracles; but what are these miracles?

Allah, the greatsupported Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, with great miracles about the unseen world.  He, therefore, talked about events that would happen hundreds of years later at a time when no one could have predicted that they would take place. In fact, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, even had no time for such issues at that time because he was concerned about the problems of theUmmah (nation or his people) and the message of Islam and had extremely hard tasks in convincing the infidels and polytheists to change their corrupted beliefs. Hence miracles were accompanying Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, wherever he went. Allah, the almighty, for instance, has cleft the moon asunder for the sake of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, and helped him gain victory over his enemies. Moreover, the enemies ofIslam reverted to Islam and were honest soldiers for their Prophet, beloved, and leader. If we assume, therefore, just for the sake of argument, that this noble Prophet, PBUH, wasn't telling the truth and was aspiring fame, might, and fortune, why would he get himself involved in talking about unseen events that would take place after his death? What would he get out of these hadiths if he weren’t honest? Such hadiths, accordingly, are but practical evidence of the truthfulness of his message and that he’s the messenger of Allah, the almighty.

Now, Dear brothers and sisters, let's contemplate the hadiths of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, the Prophet of mercy and how they are 100% in consistent with today's world and what we face today:


The emergence of tribulations, lying, and the acceleration of time

Abu Hurairah narrated Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: “the Day of Judgment won’t come until tribulation shows up, lying increases, markets get closer to one another,and time is accelerated."[Narrated by Imam Ahmad]. In this noble hadith, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, is foretelling the current world in which we live for tribulation, lying, and markets have all increased and markets have become closer to one another. Time has also accelerated since the digital communication methods are transmitting to us events and images everywhere and from distant places so asto be aware of what’s happening all around us.

 Referring toGlobal Economy

Talking about the signs of the Day of Judgment, Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said "among the signs of the Hour (the Day of judgment) is the pervasiveness of wealth and trade.” Narrated by an-Nasa’i and in another version Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, said: “till women share their husbands in trade." narrated by Imam Ahmad. Today, trade has become the backbone of global economy; a fact that wasn’t known at the time of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH, for agriculture was more widespread back then.

Dear readers look at how women have been playing a role in media, factories, teaching, as well as political and commercial positions and there are businesswomen organizations and others,none of which was known at the time of Prophet Mohammad, PBUH.


By: Abduldaem Al-Kaheel

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